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Celebrate your Love with an Adventure Wedding in Chile!

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Celebrate your union in the great outdoors of Chile! Join us on a multi-day horseback ride to explore snowy mountains, hidden lagoons & rough terrains at daytime and relax in natural hot springs under a clear starlit sky at night.  One of the most captivating sceneries in the world is waiting for you!

At Adventure Wedding, we arrange and plan every activity to give you the best stress-free wedding experience combined with an adventure. We photograph every moment so you will have a memory to cherish and share.

Your personal Adventure Wedding at your fingertips!


About Adventure Wedding

In 2015, Christina the founder of Adventure Wedding, went out on a quest to explore the Chilean Andes on horseback. While she traveled over two months through the wilderness, she totally fell in love with the rough beauty of the Chilean Andes. One particular night, she took a bath in a natural hot spring near the volcano Chillan. While she looked up into the clear starlit sky, feeling incredibly blessed, a thought entered her mind, “I would love to get married here!” Her own wedding not being in any near sight, she still shared the idea with friends and realized that the concepts spurred a lot of interests in like-minded people. As an experienced wedding photographer, and adventure traveler she decided to merge both these passions into one by founding Adventure Wedding in 2017. As a business dedicated to provide unique wedding experiences for adventurous souls for a start we focus on one location – Chile – because this is where everything began.

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