FAQ Vendors

We are a brand new platform applying the concept of mass customization to adventure weddings, elopements, proposals, vow renewals, adventure photo sessions and honeymoons. Any photographer and wedding planner from every country is free to register and create their own experiences (in their own location, please see our sustainability policy) which we are going to promote on our marketing channels.

The concept is to create a pre-designed base experience and bookable add-ons. Most couples don’t know they want and what is possible until they see it – in creative markets the offer builds up the desire.
The filtering option on our marketplace will act as a matchmaker, and every experience will find its perfect couple client.

We are a free platform empowering local elopement photographers and wedding experts, like you, to become the best version of yourself and get more bookings effortlessly

We principally designed the platform for adventure photographers and elopement planners.
Yes, registering is free. We only have 15% commission if you sell an experience.
Adventure Wedding Platform is a peer-to-peer marketplace advertising elopement packages and other adventure experiences that are provided by passionate local businesses. While being a host you work on a freelance base and there is no employment agreement between the two parties.

As a host you are responsible for:

  • Designing an experience and providing the visual and textual content for it
  • Managing your bookings and timely communication with the clients
  • Making arrangements to provide services
  • Declaring your taxes as a freelancer according to the local laws
  • Arranging your personal insurance while providing the services (individual choice)
We have an expert team of SEO that will optimize your experience individually with the goal rank high in search engines. We will also promote your experience on our social media platform and other marketing campaigns.

Adventure weddings, elopements, adventure photo sessions, vow renewals, wedding anniversaries, proposals and honeymoons.

Yes, we encourage you to create several experiences and offer a range of different itineraries and locations in your area.

Absolutely. After signing up, we guide you through the process and you get a lot of free educational material.

We encourage you, the experience designer to be there personally on the experience. We understand that in some cases this cannot be fulfilled. However, in this case you have to work with a fixed team, as we would like to work with trusted vendors.

For planners working with a fixed team, there is the option to have the photographer or an on-site coordinator as THE main contact person during the day.

All experiences should have a base package plus pre-designed add-ons. That is the whole concept of mass customization.

The base package should always include an activity (i.e. hiking or camping) and a dedicated photo session. In case of a wedding there should also be a ceremony and high quality full-time photographic coverage of the experience.

Ceremonies do NOT have to be legally binding and can be a private vow exchange without celebrant.

Weddings should be minimum 4 hours long, proposals adventure sessions and vow renewals minimum 2 hours long, and honeymoons minimum 2 days long.

You will get more details on how to create experiences after signing up.

When a couple likes your experience, they can contact you through the website and ask for details. Once you agree, the client will pay a 15% deposit to us, which means they booked your experience.

The remaining amount has to be paid to you directly as to your requirements.

According to our cancellation policy, all payments are non-refundable once the due date of an instalment passes and the transaction has been made. 

Force majeur situations (including covid) do make an exception from these.

In this case, you should apply your own policy and inform clients about it. We encourage clear communication and mutually flexible attitude in these uncertain times.  In case of cancelling because of covid, maybe you can offer them e re-schedule within 2 years time. 

Before the booking, you can only talk with the couple through our platform. Once the 15% depost is made, you are free to communicate in whatever channel suits you.

Not really. When the couple pays the deposit, they already entered in a contractual relationship with you. Everybody signing up to this website agreed to the Terms and Conditions, and for vendors there is a separate Terms and Conditions as well.

Short answer is NO. We have a sustainability policy meaning we do not want to foment photographers travelling to destinations wedding, increasing their carbon footprint. We also believe, that local businesses should thrive and only locals can know and love their place deeply. However, we understand we live in an international, travelling world. So if you feel like you have several bases, or you are a continuous traveller, please contact us  to discuss your situation.

Well, we need to promote your experience with photos. So we gain a non-exclusive right to use the images submitted with your experience, mostly together with the promotion of your experience. In rare occasions we might use it for general promotional campaigns.

You can contact us anytime.

After registering, you can also join our exclusive facebook group for vendors, where questions are discussed in a community.

Yes, Christina and Zsuzsa are fellow adventure photographers and this is another reason why this website is special. They do care about the vendors as much as the clients.