Terms and Conditions for Vendors

1. Terms and Definitions

In the present Terms & Conditions, these terms are used and defined as follows:


Vendors are the suppliers of AdventureWedding offerings. AdventureWedding vendors are defined as such when their profile appears online on the platform and they can receive bookings via AdventureWedding. Anyone can be an Adventure Wedding vendor who owns a business license, who is able to organize an amazing adventure wedding/elopement experience including a high quality photographic service.Adventure Wedding vendors are usually elopement photographers, and unique wedding planners.


Clients are the customers of AdventureWedding, using the platform to make a booking or communicate with local vendors. 


Users are people signing up and creating an account on AdventureWedding. An account is needed in order to create experiences (vendors) and be promoted by adventure wedding, and also in order to chat to a vendor and make a booking (clients). Both vendors and clients are users of the AdventureWedding platform.

2. AdventureWedding Services to vendors

AdventureWedding is an online platform for wedding experts seeking to engage with clients from all over the world to offer them the most outstanding adventure wedding experiences, and activities. We are a marketplace.

AdventureWedding offers local vendors the possibility to offer adventure wedding and elopement experiences and activities to clients via the platform (website).

AdventureWedding promotes the vendor’s profile as well as the experiences and helps them succeed in their endeavor as a AdventureWedding vendor.

3. About experiences

All experiences on AdventureWedding are designed by registered local vendors. A vendor can create several experiences. All experiences have a pre-designed program and itinerary and pre-listed add-ons which clients can choose separately to their booking. 

  • Requirements for experiences

Vendors have to design experiences in a way that there should be a base experience, define in much detail what is included in it and pre-define a list of possible add-ons. The Experience must include all necessary information about the services, including (i) suitability information (e.g, level of fitness, or inherent risks (including risks to persons with pre-existing medical conditions), (ii) logistical information (e.g. meeting point, meeting time, duration, and required or recommended clothing and equipment), and (iii) other information requested by AdventureWedding.

Accommodation has to be included in case of overnight and multi-day experiences. 

As default, experiences have to be attended by the creator the experience, the Host. The sole exception for this is the case of Vendor working with a fixed team (wedding planner). In this case, Vendor has to state their team in the experience description, and if Vendor will not attend the wedding personally, they have to name who is the on-site coordinator for the experience day. 

In accordance with our sustainability policy, vendors should make experiences in their local area. It can be more areas if they are perpetual travellers, or live in different locations simultaneously.

Minimum requirements for an adventure wedding experience.
  • Has to include at least one activity, a ceremony/vow exchange, and a dedicated photo sessions
  • Has to have full length photographic coverage
  • Have to be minimum 4 hours long
Minimum requirements for adventure sessions, vow renewals, proposals.
  • Have to include at least one activity, a ceremony/vow exchange (when it applies), and a dedicated photo sessions
  • Have to have full length photographic coverage.
  • Have to be minimum 2 hours long
Minimum requirements for Honeymoons
  • Have to include at least one activity, accommodation, and a dedicated photo session
  • Have to be minimum 3 days long
  • High quality visual storytelling

High quality photos are a cornerstone of the platform and also of these adventure experiences. They are important for Adventure Wedding and the Clients. Every experience has to feature a high quality photographic coverage/photo sessions. This has to be executed with maximum professionalism focusing on storytelling and highlighting the couple’s bond and the scenery.

Photos should be edited and retouched professionally and chosen carefully to represent the story. Clients should always receive high res images.

Photos have to be delivered to clients no later than 6 weeks after the experience date.

Videos can be also done optionally, and same quality standards and deadlines apply.

  • Service Levels

Vendor agrees that the rates, availability, amenities, and restrictions for Experiences offered via the AdventureWedding Platform will be equal to or better than those made available through Vendor’s own channels. Clients who book a Service through the AdventureWedding Platform will be treated at least as well as customers that book through Vendor’s own channels.

4. Submitted content by vendors and their promotion

  • Vendor Content -Submitted photos, videos and texts

Vendors are asked to submit texts, photos and optionally videos to feature their experience on AdventureWedding.

Vendor agrees that their business name will be not mentioned on the AdventureWedding platform.

In case of submitting a video (optional), Vendor agrees to submit it white-labelled (ie. without their business name or branding). AdventureWedding gains non-exclusive right over the video. AdventureWedding will use the video sloley to promote the give experience

Vendor grants to Adventure Wedding a non-exclusive, sublicensable (through one or more tiers), worldwide, fully-paid and royalty-free license to use, reproduce, adapt, translate, make derivative works of, modify, perform, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, and distribute the Vendor’s Content (i) via the AdventureWedding Platform, (ii) in (distribution partners) online and offline marketing materials, and (iii) as otherwise contemplated by this Agreement, fostering the Parties’ common goal of marketing the Services or agreed by the Parties. Vendor is solely responsible for the Vendor Content, and may provide only Vendor Content that it either owns or otherwise has the right to provide to AdventureWedding under the terms of this Agreement.

  • Vendor Social Media – Posted photos and videos

Vendor agrees that Adventure Wedding instagram and facebook page will occasionally  re-share from vendor’s respective accounts to promote their services. Adventure Wedding will always indicate vendor’s page as source of content.
  • AdventureWedding Obligations.

AdventureWedding will promote and market the Experiences in its sole discretion, and will bear the cost of its promotion and marketing efforts. In order to promote the Experiences, AdventureWedding may use the Vendor Content in offline and online marketing, including email marketing and pay-per-click advertising. AdventureWedding will, in its sole discretion, determine whether and how to promote the Services and Experience Offers on the AdventureWedding Platform or elsewhere, including position and ranking in search result

5. Code of Conduct for AdventureWedding vendors

AdventureWedding vendors are expected to adhere to and respect the AdventureWedding vendors Code of Conduct. The AdventureWedding vendors Code of Conduct contains quality standards as well as basic requirements for becoming a vendor.

  •  Quality Standards for vendors and the experiences

vendor quality at AdventureWedding is defined by the following standards:

Passion and love 

Passionate vendors are the heart of AdventureWedding. Our promise to client couples is to offer them a unique adventure wedding experience, a once in a lifetime experience. Think of and design your experiences  in a way which you would also love. Choose your favorite location, think of creative details, be bold and passionate. How would you design a greatadventure experience?

As an Adventure Wedding vendor we expect you to create a unique experience of connection and adventure for your couples. Communicate with passion with them, be fully present during the experience and try to be attentive to their wishes from the moment of start of communication until you hand them their wedding images/videos.

Be aware, that you are not only a unique service provider but also their wedding day organizer and best friend during that day or days (Be of service with all your expertise and experience as best you can. Be flexible, kind and respectful – if they are lucky, they only get the chance to get married once).

If there seems to be a problem do your best to solve it and communicate clearly and kindly. You are a vendor providing a service to your couples but also, you will be their adventure companion, guide and support team during their adventure wedding experience.

Do your best to provide them the promised experience with all the details and exceed their expectations.

Be reassuring to their doubts, and responsive to their questions. Imagine, they might be travelling from a  far country to have the adventure wedding of their dream. Of course, they will need advice and tips. Make sure to handle all questions and concerns with care. Please be mindful of cultural differences as well.


We want to encourage you as AdventureWedding vendor to share the real taste of  your country, offering an authentic elopement experience to couples and guests.

Provide an authentic experience by unveiling secret gems, telling your couples about your country, and designing an adventure wedding experience with local, authentic providers. If your country has a tradition of yurts, why not make a program with a couple sleeping there? Strive to collaborate with local producers for food and in general, try to think locally.

Not meeting these standards will result in an incompatibility to work as a AdventureWedding vendor. If you need any extra support or coaching or have a question, we are here for you! Reach out to us.

Sustainability and “leave no trace” policy

Adventure wedding is committed to safeguard the planet, its natural and cultural resources. We expect vendors to behave according to this policy and want to encourage you to create experiences local to you. We see Adventure Weddings as an opportunity to create more sustainable weddings with less waste. We expect you as vendors to take care of leaving no trace in the natural places you visit with your couples. Please stay on trails and behave according to leave no trace principles https://lnt.org/why/7-principles/ Please also make sure that your bride and groom do the same.

  • Requirements for vendors

The following requirements are minimum standards that vendors must fulfill to keep a AdventureWedding profile. Any breach of these requirements will result in a performance breach and may lead in your removal from the platform.


vendors are required to respect the following professional standards:

  • Being available and proactive with the communciation with client after the booking has been finalized. Vendor should always make clients feel safe and guide themn through the process after booking, explaining them next steps and being responsive to their needs/questions
  • Being available and reachable by both the clients and the office, in particular for any urgent or time sensitive issue, and around the time of  the adventure wedding experience
  • Having an appropriate and professional presentation and outfit, respecting hygiene standards.
  • Communicating with guests and AdventureWedding in a polite and respectful manner.
  • Respecting the commitment that a booking represents. Unforeseen situations can of course happen, but being late, cancelling or not showing up to a booking without informing your clients is not acceptable.  In case of a major unforeseeable event (sudden disease or natural disaster) that will prevent you from providing the service as agreed upon, please contact us immediately with a reference to a substitute.
Brand loyalty

AdventureWedding vendors represent the AdventureWedding community, and are therefore expected to respect the following limitations:

  • Vendors must refrain from expressing negative feelings about AdventureWedding, or complaining about the company or any of its parties in front of the clients, guests or on public platforms. All complaints and feedback should be addressed directly to the AdventureWedding team.
  • Use the AdventureWedding platform genuinely to promote your work and offer experiences to guests but refrain from using the AdventureWedding platform to conduct other business with clients (for example by trying to bypass the online booking system) or other vendors.

Vendors commit to maintaining high standards of safety and security when providing a service to guests. The following standards apply:

  • AdventureWedding vendors should always avoid unsafe situations and assess tour activities for potential hazards or critical points.
  • Informing guests of relevant safety procedures when necessary, keeping the relevant emergency numbers and being aware of the closest medical facilities is a must.
  • Vendors must never be intoxicated on a tour/experience.
    In addition, vendors commit to never purchasing an alcoholic drink for a minor.
  • Possession or use of illegal drugs on tour will result in instant removal from AdventureWedding platform.

6. Reservation 

  • Contractual relationship with clients

AdventureWedding is an online platform for couples wanting to get married seeking to engage with adventure wedding experts all over the world to offer them the most outstanding experiences and activities. We are a marketplace where demand (clients) meets supply (local adventure wedding experts).

By making a reservation through our platform, clients enter into a direct contractual relationship with the vendor with whom they make a reservation. From the point when the booking is made, AdventureWedding acts solely as an intermediary between the client and the vendor.  AdventureWedding is not a party to any agreement between the client and the vendor and is not liable for any (attributable) failure to perform or other damages arising out of this relationship.

  • Booking process

All reservations made via AdventureWedding are automatically transferred to the vendor requested. Client can contact and ask questions from vendor via the intermediation of AdventureWedding via the chat feature.

Bookings as for now are Upon Request meaning they are subject to the vendor’s confirmation based on their availability. 

A reservation is only valid when client has paid 15% deposit and is confirmed by AdventureWedding via email both to Client and Vendor.

Clients and Vendors making a reservation with AdventureWedding understand our cancellation policy.

  • Payment

Client pays a 15% deposit to AdventureWedding to book a certain experience for a certain date. After this step, the remaining amount has to be paid to the Vendor directly according to the Vendor’s requirements.

7. Cancellation policy

  • 21 days money-back guarantee

Clients, after paying the deposit can enter into direct contact with the vendor. Clients have 21 days to cancel their booking and get a full refund in case they feel they are not the right match with that vendor. This is to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Vendor is required to enter in touch with client as soon as possible after booking and offer minimum 5 available time slots for a video call in the first two weeks.

  • Regular cancellation

Our cancellation policy will apply only once the booking is confirmed after the payment of the deposit. According to our cancellation policy, all payments made by clients are non-refundable once the due date of an instalment passes and the transaction has been made. 

  • Force Majeure Situations.

In the event that Vendor cancels Services because of a Force Majeure Situation, Vendor must notify AdventureWedding immediately. A Client may cancel a Booking if a Force Majeure Situation occurs at the travel destination, regardless of whether Vendor continues to provide Services during the affected period of time. If Vendor or Client cancels a Booking in connection with a Force Majeure Situation, Client receives a minimum refund of their 15% deposit paid, for the rest of the amount Client and Vendor have to settle in reasonable terms (if  hotel bookings or any expenses were made already which cannot be withdrawn, Client understands that these costs cannot be refunded to them).

  • Substitution, change of date, major unforeseeable event

In case of a major unforeseeable event (sudden disease or natural disaster) that will prevent you from providing the service as agreed upon, please contact us immediately with a reference to a substitute and a plan.

8. Failure to Provide Services.

If Vendor cancels a Booking or otherwise fails to provide Services to a Client as required by a Booking, (i) AdventureWedding will not receive any commission and give the Client a Refund of the 15% deposit paid, (ii) Vendor will receive no payment for the Booking.  For the rest of the amount Client and Vendor have to settle in reasonable terms (if  hotel bookings or any expenses were made already which cannot be withdrawn, Client understands that these costs cannot be refunded to them).

Vendor acknowledges that its cancellation or other failure to provide Services damages AdventureWedding’s goodwill and reputation, and causes AdventureWedding to incur additional customer service expenses. Accordingly, if AdventureWedding determines that the cancellation or failure to provide Services was not justifiable (e.g. the result of a Force Majeure Situation), AdventureWedding may deduct a cancellation fee (as liquidated damages) , equal to twenty five percent (25%) of the Retail Price of the Services for each affected Client, from any future payment due to Vendor hereunder. The Parties acknowledge and agree that it would be impractical to estimate the amount of any damages that could arise out of Vendor’s cancellation or other failure to provide Services, and agree that the amount of liquidated damages described above is a reasonable estimate of the actual damages that AdventureWdding would suffer and incur as a result of such cancellation or failure to provide Services. AdventureWedding may, at its sole discretion, opt not to deduct this amount, or to deduct a lesser amount. Vendor understands that failure to provide services can result in the removal of the platform.

9. Quality of information

When rendering our service, the information we disclose is based on the information provided to us by the vendors. Although we will use reasonable skill and care in performing our service and verify (most of) the vendors we cannot guarantee that all information is accurate, complete and/or correct. Each vendor remains responsible at all times for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the (descriptive) information displayed on our platform.

In the event of misleading representation or misconduct on our website or in the framework of the experiences held by vendors through our website and/or services, we may decide, in our sole discretion, to credit the client with a refund for the reservation amount paid or part thereof and charge the vendor with this amount. No action of us may be construed as accepting any liability other than as mentioned herein.

10. Proprietary Material

AdventureWedding content may not be used or copied without explicit authorization from AdventureWedding.

All text, graphics, editorial content, data, formatting, graphs, designs, HTML, look and feel, photographs, music, sounds, images, software, videos, designs, typefaces and other content (collectively “Proprietary Material”) on this website is owned by AdventureWedding, or is used with the owner’s permission. This Proprietary Material is protected in all forms, media and technologies. Users may not copy, download, use, redesign, reconfigure, or retransmit anything from this website without AdventureWedding’ prior written permission.

11. Warranties

AdventureWedding does not warrant that this website and/or our services will be uninterrupted or error-free. It may correct, modify, amend, enhance, improve and make any other changes to the website and services at any time or discontinue displaying or providing any content or features without a notice to any user.

12. Changes to these Terms and Conditions

AdventureWedding reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and without stating the reasons. This concerns, for example, cases where the equivalence principle has been disturbed, as well as loopholes and changes in legislation. The amended conditions will be sent to the website users by e-mail. If a user does not reject the validity of the new Terms and Conditions within two weeks of the receipt of the e-mail, the amended General Terms and Conditions are deemed to have been accepted. 

13. Confidentiality.

Each Party agrees that it will not use or disclose to any third party any Confidential Information disclosed to it by the other except (i) as permitted in this Agreement, or (ii) as required by a court or other governmental authority. Each Party will take all reasonable measures to maintain the confidentiality of all Confidential Information of the other party in its possession or control, which will in no event be less than the measures it uses to maintain the confidentiality of its own information of similar importance

14. Privacy policy

We respect your privacy.

We respect your privacy and are committed to protect the information you share with us. We believe that you have a right to know our practices regarding the information we collect when you visit our website or use our services. A more thorough overview of our privacy policy can be found under Privacy Policy

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