About us

We connect you with your

On our global booking platform we want to empower adventure photographers and wedding experts to become the best version of themselves and get more bookings effortlessly.

Let your uniqueness shine by designing signature experiences that you always dreamt about: 
adventure weddings, elopements, proposals, vow renewals, adventure sessions and even honeymoons.

Why are we special?

Brand new concept

Most couples wanting to elope feel OVERWHELMED by too much information scattered around.

That’s why we didn’t create another vendor directory.

We are the first full-service booking platform where you as wedding expert can offer predesigned, directly bookable experience packages.


Founded by photographers

We – the founders – are photographers and know exactly how it is to be on the other side with the client.

We have created a platform that serves the client and also the photographers and planners. 

We are building a community of passionate & trustworthy experts, that is constantly growing.

Online marketing experts

The marketing strategy of our platform was developed in collaboration with online marketing experts. Every experience is optimized by hand to perform well in online searches as well as popular social media  platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

You just need to create an experience once. We do all the marketing work for you at no cost.


Synergetic pricing


We believe in the power of synergy, and we want you to be able to trust us to have your best interests in mind.
That’s why we set up our platform in a way that we are dependent on your success.

Our promise

We invest in your professional growth while offering all our services completely for free. We promise to give our best to support you in being a successful adventure wedding expert.



Just when a couple actually books your experience we ask for a 15% commission. That’s it. There are no hidden costs whatsoever after signing up or along the way.


We truly care

…about you being unique
…about win-win situations
…about adventure providers’ needs
…about you growing professionally
…about you getting more bookings
…about sustainability
…about connecting local businesses to an international market 

What do you get?

Earn more money doing what you love

Design the adventure experiences, elopements and honeymoons  of your dreams.

Focus on what you feel most passionate about, attract your ideal couples and get more bookings effortlessly.

Grow professionally and internationally

Connect your local business to the international market of adventurous couples.

Meet people from all over the world that share the same passions and interests as you in our exclusive Wedding Expert Facebook group.

You can become part of our Vendor Directory.


Get FREE education and support for your business

Our quality standards for published experiences are really high. We guide you through the complete process of creating a highly desirable client experience.

Your growth is our growth. That’s why all our educational material is completely for free.

Let us do the work

Your content is revised and optimized by SEO professionals to increase your search results.

We will take care of online marketing strategy and campaigns.

That's how you get started...


Sign up for free

Create an account in  just 10 seconds.

Get access to our free educational material on how to create the best  elopement experiences.


Create Adventure Experiences

Submit your first experience! You can create different experiences (elopement packages, vow renewals, proposal, honeymoons).

We will guide you through the process.


Get featured online

After submitting your experience, we will be in touch with you shortly.

Your experience will be published on our website, and you will be featured in our marketing campaigns.

Get bookings effortlessly!

We strongly believe in the power of a win-win. That’s why signing up and creating an experience is completely for free.
We just ask for a 15% commission once a client actually books your experience. That’s it. No hidden costs.

Got more questions? Check our FAQs for more details.

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