About Us

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.
Paulo Coelho

Couple sitting in a tent in Chile, on an adventure wedding. Glamping

Imagine kayaking on the Danube river and saying your vows on a hilltop. Imagine birds chirping and the wind blowing around you while you look into your lover’s eyes and say YES. 
magine climbing a mountain in the Andes in Chile on horseback and celebrating your wedding on a meadow with a glass of wine. Imagine being just the two of you, or a few beloved ones, in the middle of nature, in an amazing scenery. 
Pure joy, intimacy and a once in a lifetime experience  – this is what adventure wedding can be.

This is what your adventure wedding can be. And much more!”


We believe life is to be lived fully and with passion. We believe in the freedom of everyone expressing themselves in their unique way. We believe life is a creative adventure to be dotted with joyful, intimate, meaningful and inspiring experiences. Experiences shape who we are. We believe people following their passion and dreams, acting bold, expressing themselves creatively. We believe adventure means closer to nature, closer to ourselves, closer to our true values, our true selves, experiencing ourselves and the world more fully. If you feel into adventure this way, you see it goes hand in hand with intimacy.

Just like love goes hand in hand with freedom.


Just the two of you, intimately sharing your passion

This mission was guiding us when we created this platform. We care for love and couples and we think they deserve a wedding which fits their personality and which allows their uniqueness to shine through. We would like to inspire couples to take bold action and have the offbeat wedding of their dreams. Adventure wedding is about freedom of choice, concentrating on what matters most to you on that day: your bond and love, and creating an amazing experience in nature to remember for all your life.


We would love to show an alternative path to weddings, not that we have anything against traditional ones, but variety is the spice of life.

We would like to show options to couples to create a wedding which is in alignment with their character, passions and their relationship



Since we believe in connection, the best way to do this was to create a platform to connect adventurous couples with like minded experts all around the world. On this platform we have gathered vendors who share our dream. It is a community of enthusiastic international photographers and or wedding planners who have thought of a unique wedding experience for couples in their country. 

We hope to open up the vision for the wide range of possibility for adventure weddings and we wish to see many creative unique love experiences unfolding on our elopements.

In a nutshell

Our mission is to spread awareness of choosing a wedding in an adventurous way, in a style that is in alignment with the  bond of the two love birds.

Our mission is to inspire adventurous couples around the world to celebrate their wedding day in a unique way. Connect them with experts who are as passionate as they are about creating a wedding experience which is alignment with who they are.

We have gathered the best professionals from several countries in this field and have developed a variety of elopement day ideas, directly bookable and of course, tailor made to your wishes always. Every wedding is unique. Your wedding, your adventure. Just browse and book.

Christina Puszkar


Sacred technician

Adventure photographer, explorer, gypsy flower and deep diver of the soul madly in love with life and co-creation of reality.

I love to discover hidden gems and lonely places and feel happiest in the middle of nowhere. I value authentic and intimate connection and like to live my life consciously and passionately. With Adventure Wedding I want to offer a place of inspiration and community.

The founders

Zsuzsa Bakonyi


Spiritual entrepeneur

I am a photographer, teacher, fire dancer, yoga teacher and love spreading love, magic and freedom.

I joined Christina on her quest to spread the awareness on adventure weddings and elopements and create a worldwide community of adventuruos couples and photographers.

Committed to nature and slow travel

Photo by Joseph Driscoll on Unsplash

We love nature and connecting with nature, this is big part of our passion for adventure weddings. We are aware that travelling to a far country by plane creates a lot of pollution but we think that couples go anyway on honeymoons and why not experience slow travel by combining your honeymoon with your wedding, focusing on adventure? Hiring a local photographer means he she will not have to travel far but instead welcome you in their homecountry, using her\his local expertise and local connections. Adventure weddings are also more sustainable that there is significantly less waste generated than on a normal wedding. By eloping in nature, we have to practice ‘leave no trace in nature” principle as well, since we would like to keep the beauty of nature for anyone who shall come after us.

Let it be only our footprints on the ground we leave 🙂