How to use this website?

Our mission is to give couples the best options for embarking on their adventure wedding. We have scouted the best photographers from several countries in this field and have developed a variety of elopement day ideas, directly bookable. Just browse our platform and book your experience.

Imagining your perfect day in this very new way can be challenging. That is why we have not only handpicked the best photographer but we also propose concrete locations, themes, and programs. Maybe you can go diving, or sleep in a tent on the top of a beautiful hill, really, options are endless. Browse and get inspired.

  1. Get inspired – browse through the experiences. You can filter by country, scenery, activity and length.
  2. Get in touch – write the photographer and discuss the details in messages
  3. Book your adventure wedding experience.
  4. Plan further with your photographer and have an amazing wedding day 🙂 

Ok, I got ya, but I still have some questions, can you help me?

Sure thing we can. Browse through quickly the rest of the FAQ and if you are still unsure about something, please contact us here.

What is adventure wedding? 

Adventure wedding or elopements is a new emerging trend where couples 

  • embark on an adventure together on their wedding day (many times into another country as well)
  • celebrate their wedding day in nature, in an amazing scenery, 
  • coupled with an adventurous program like horseriding, or sleeping in a tent
  • and most importantly in an intimate way (usually just the two of them or just a few friends, family) accompanied by a photographer/organizers.

Adventure wedding is more about choosing an experience to remember for a lifetime.
Adventure wedding is living your passions and dreams.
Adventure wedding is an extension of your personalities and values.
Adventure wedding is a creative expression of your love and your unique relationship.
Adventure wedding is an intimate celebration of love.
Adventure wedding is celebrating and respecting nature.
Adventure wedding is a beginning of your amazing and adventurous life journey together.



Please read our blogpost for more details.

Can I tailor make a proposed experience?

Usually every photographer offers several experiences in the same country, with some variations on what is included and how long one elopement is. You have also at every experience some additional services (airport pick up, flower bouquet etc.) you can select.

At the moment you do not have the option to customize beyond the extra additional services. 

What about the dates, can they be flexible?

We know that planning a wedding abroad in these times can be a challenge. When you find an experience you like, you will see the dates in the calendar the adventure wedding photographer has made available.  You can contact the photographer personally through our website before booking and inquire further details about his/her availability and flexibility. Once you settle on a date, you can request the booking and the photographer will confirm within 2 business days.

What if I have a specific location and elopement experience in mind and what if I wan an adventurous honeymoon?

If you do not find the perfect experience you desire, contact us and we try to find a solution. The same goes for adventurous honeymoons.

We are planning on extending our experiences to offer honeymoons as well, check in to our website later.

Is the travel, insurance and flights included?

No. You need to buy the tickets for yourself and handle what you need for the travel itself. Some experiences do have an airport pick up included as an additional option and your photographer can help you with that.

As for accommodation, every adventure wedding experience includes the accommodation for the nights of the program’s length. If you stay in the country longer, you need to handle your own accommodation. Ask your photographer for help and tips.

How does payment work?

What is your cancellation policy?

I am a photographer and would like to take photos of adventure weddings and be featured on your website, what do I do?

Would be lovely to have you on board with us. Check first please if there is already a vendor and and experience in your country. No problem if yes, but make sure to provide a significantly different experience. Check out the website to get some ideas. Than please go to our vendor registration, register as a photographer.