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No, we also have vow renewals, proposals, adventure couple photo sessions, wedding anniversary celebrations and even honeymoons.

Absolutely. We are expanding to become a booking platform and our packages are growing day by day.

If you have an elopement location and dream in mind (and heart), just write us. We have over 200 vendors worldwide and we can tailor make your dream elopement. 

The best is, that yo get this all for free. There is no extra cost for getting the offers, and it is totally risk free for you. You only book it if you like an offer.

Got excited? Write us!

All our prices are in USD.

Adventure wedding or elopements is a new emerging trend where couples 

  • embark on an adventure together on their wedding day (many times into another country as well)
  • celebrate their wedding day in nature, in an amazing scenery, 
  • coupled with an adventurous program like exploring, hiking or sleeping in a tent
  • and most importantly in an intimate way (usually just the two of them or just a few friends, family) accompanied by a photographer/organizers.

Adventure wedding is about choosing an experience to remember for a lifetime.
Adventure wedding is living your passions and dreams.
Adventure wedding is an extension of your personalities and values.
Adventure wedding is a creative expression of your love and your unique relationship.
Adventure wedding is an intimate celebration of love.
Adventure wedding is celebrating and respecting nature.
Adventure wedding is a beginning of your amazing and adventurous life journey together.

We have  a wide variety of pre-designed elopement packages and adventure experiences for you to offer, all made by local businesses, in accordance with our sustainability policy.

There is always a base-package and you can customize it with pre-designed add-ons.

You can filter the experiences by many categories and you can have a complete overview of the costs and all the details.

All our vendors and experiences are trusted, handpicked locals by Adventure Wedding Platform.

When you do not find a package suiting your wishes, you can request a personalised offer.

Yes, we are really serious about this. First of all, we care for our Planet and sustainability and would not like to encourage  photographers travel further than 300 kms just for a photo session. 

Second, we really believe there is a good photographer at every corner of the world and we would like to foment these local markets instead of a few succesfull photographers travelling all around the world.

Third, we really think that you, as a client will benefit more if a local person will plan your elopement. Local meaning a person who lives in that area, knows its ins and outs and can truly share his/her passion about the place.

Sure thing we can. Browse through quickly the rest of the FAQ and if you are still unsure about something, please contact us here.

We are not planners and the local photographers/planners are not our employees. We are handpicking local experts around the globe and curating packages with them. We provide the platform, market their packages and provide legal framework for them and clients. If you have questions regarding this, please contact us here.

You can see at each package description the host of that package. This is usually a local photographer or planner whom we selected as a local expert.  They will be planning, organizing and present on your elopement day.

As for how our platform is now, there is no possibility to talk with the local expert before securing your booking with a deposit. We are working on a chat feature.

The packages have very detailed descriptions, and you can request a date (or several). After the vendor confirms the date, you can pay the 15% deposit and this will allow you to enter in touch with your elopement organizer (local expert). If you have questions beforehand, please reach out to us and we will try our best to provide answers.


We are aware how important your elopement day is for you, and we want to make sure you have an amazing experience.
We do aim to have every detail clear about our packages, but every elopement is unique. You will have to discuss some elements directly with your local vendor.

You have the possibility to talk with your vendor personally only after booking your package. We know that this can be challenging and would like for you to have a call with them right after your booking is complete, to feel the chemistry between you.

This is why we give you a money-back guarantee. After booking your package, you will have enough time to have a call with your local vendor and discuss important details in order to feel confident they will create your dream elopement.

A vow renewal is a celebratory ceremony for a married couple to reaffirm their commitment to each other. They are especially popular on milestone anniversaries (10, 25, or 50 years), however, there is no rule as to when to have one. It is a way to commemorate the mature and deep love between two people and to celebrate the long journey they have been on

We know that planning a wedding abroad in these times can be a challenge. When you find an experience you like, you can contact the photographer personally through our website before booking and inquire further details about his/her availability and flexibility. Once you settle on a date, you book it by putting down a deposit.

In most cases, the ceremonies are just symbolic and not legally binding, alas there is also no need for a witness. On a lot  of elopements, the couples even prefer to write and say their vows even without a celebrant. A celebrant can be included on most experiences if you wish so.

Please note that getting married legally in a foreign country is in most cases very complicated, if not impossible. We recommend making the legal ceremony in your homecountry before or after the adventure wedding.

We usually advise our couples to get their legal marriage done in their home country, and enjoy a symbolic and personally meaningful ceremony without limits on their elopement.

Some of our packages feature a symbolic celebrant as an extra service. This type of celebrant will come to your location and perform a symbolic ceremony with you, but this is usually not legally binding.

We do have a few packages where legal marriage & paperwork is possible and included. Please check our South Africa & Greece elopement packages to find a few or dirtectly under our tag “Legal marriage”

 You need to buy the tickets for yourself and handle what you need for the travel itself. Some experiences do have an airport pick up included as an additional option and your photographer or planner can help you with that.

As for accommodation, every adventure wedding experience includes the accommodation for the nights of the program’s length. If you stay in the country longer, you need to handle your own accommodation. Ask your photographer for help and tips.

Meals are included in some experiences and in others not, it is specified every time.

Every experience states in their description the amount of guests who can come along with the couple. Usually it is max 10-15 people, to keep the experience intimate.

Every experience is organised by a local vendor and they know the best how to handle the experience according to weather conditions.

Each experience states what the policy regarding unfavourable weather conditions is and what rainy day policy they have.

Every experience has a base package and several pre-designed add-ons which can be included when booking. Videographer, flowers, meals, photobooks are among the common add-ons.

After agreeing with your expert, you can book your experience by paying a 15% deposit. The remaining amount has to be paid to the vendor directly as to their requirements.

Clients have 21 days after paying the deposit to cancel their booking and get a full refund in case they feel they are not the right match with that vendor. This is to guarantee customer satisfaction. 

According to our cancellation policy, all payments are non-refundable once the due date of an instalment passes and the transaction has been made.

Force majeur situations (including covid) do make an exception from these. In this case, every vendor has their own policy, please inquire to them about this. Every experience is different and vendors might have different costs to reserve certain things for your elopement (for example an accommodation), so we encourage a mutual  flexible and understanding attitude with clear communication in these uncertain times.

If you do not find the perfect experience you desire, contact us and we try to find a solution. The same goes for adventurous honeymoons.

We are planning on extending our experiences to offer honeymoons as well, check in to our website later.

Usually every vendor offers several experiences in the same country, with some variations on what is included and how long one elopement is. You have also at every experience some additional services (airport pick up, flower bouquet etc.) you can select.

At the moment you do not have the option to customize beyond the extra additional services.

Would be lovely to have you on board with us. Check first please if there is already a vendor and and experience in your country. No problem if yes, but make sure to provide a significantly different experience. Check out the website to get some ideas. Only unique experiences are showcased on our website (together with your vendor profile), so wether you are a wedding planner or a photographer, you need to register and than create unique adventure wedding experiences. Please go to our vendor registration. Happy to have you on board.
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