Dublin Photoshoot | Ireland Adventure Session in Wicklow

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Your Dublin Photoshoot | Adventure Session in Ireland

Are you searching for a romantic Dublin Photoshoot in the Wicklow Mountains? Your Adventure Session in Ireland will capture your beautiful love in the stunning landscape of Wicklow. The Wicklow Mountains offer breathtaking views and a perfect backdrop for your couple photoshoot in Ireland. As your guide, I can assist you in selecting the ideal location to capture stunning photographs and create a memorable experience for your Ireland photoshoot.

It’s about shooting love stories. Let’s have a good time making memories, magic, and moments you won’t forget! Imagine wild moors, dense woodlands, and sweeping vistas. Breezy mountaintops, muddy boots, wildflowers, and you two.

Life is too short for boring photoshoots. That’s why we’re all about taking our couples on wild and crazy Ireland Adventure Sessions that they’ll never forget. So let’s dust off those hiking boots and hit the trails together! Whether you’re up for a challenging hike or a leisurely stroll through the countryside, we’ll be there to capture every moment of your love story against the breathtaking backdrop of Ireland.

Get inspired by some of the incredible love stories we’ve captured below. These couples are proof that adventure is out there!

  • Location: Wicklow, Wicklow, Ireland
  • Photoshoot Length: 2h
  • Meeting point: Lough Tay Carpark
  • Participants: No guests can join apart from the couple.
  • No children allowed
  • No dogs allowed
  • Activity level: Light – Suitable for anyone.
  • Climate: Temperate oceanic climate. Mild, moist, and changeable with abundant rainfall and a lack of temperature extremes. It is advisable to bring waterproof clothing and good walking shoes.
  • Available: January, February, March, August, September, October, November

Meet Your Dublin Photographer

Hi, It is Johnny here.

ireland elopement photographer

As a seasoned photographer with over 19 years of experience, I’m excited to offer my services for your Dublin Couple Photoshoot in the stunning landscapes of Wicklow. Known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and dramatic scenery, Wicklow provides the perfect backdrop for capturing your love story in a fun and relaxed manner.

Wicklow’s breathtaking scenery and unspoiled areas make it an ideal location for an advanced couple shoot. From ancient castles to mystical forests, lush green meadows, and captivating coastlines, Wicklow offers a diverse range of picturesque settings that will enhance your couple’s shoot experience.

During your Adventure Session in Ireland, we’ll have the opportunity to explore multiple beautiful and romantic locations. Whether it’s a majestic castle, a charming garden, a mountain to choose from, or the enchanting countryside, we’ll work together to select the perfect settings that resonate with your vision and reflect your unique connection.

Wicklow’s natural beauty provides endless possibilities for capturing the essence of your relationship. From the serene tranquility of Glendalough to the enchanting Powerscourt Gardens and the captivating Sally Gap, we can create a stunning portfolio of images that showcase your love amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Wicklow.

Rest assured, I’ll be there to guide you throughout the process, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable elopement. We’ll schedule our shoot over two days, allowing us ample time to explore various locations and capture a diverse range of moments and emotions. We can even start with an early morning hike on the second day, taking advantage of the magical light and the serene ambiance for an extra special photo session.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure as we embark on your Dublin Couple Photoshoot in the picturesque wonders of Wicklow. Together, we’ll create timeless and cherished memories that truly reflect the beauty of your love story.

Jonny, your Dublin Photographer

Your Dublin Photoshoot - Itinerary

Your Dublin Photoshoot will commence during the golden hours leading up to sunset. I will guide you to the picturesque locations that offer the most stunning vistas for your photos, and we will conclude our session as twilight sets in.

Your Dublin Photoshoot | Ireland Adventure Session - Comments

Your Ireland Adventure Session is carried out under all weather conditions, even if it rains.

If the weather conditions make it dangerous to proceed with parts of your Photoshoot near Dublin, the itinerary might be adjusted. In case of big storms, there is a possibility to reschedule your photoshoot by +-2 days under the condition that the photographer is available.

LGBTQ friendly

Absolutely! I’m here to support and celebrate all love stories, Love is love.

Adventure Session in Ireland Payment terms

1.015% deposit payable directly to this platform to secure your date. Adventure Wedding Platform’s 21-day-money-back guarantee applies.
2. 400 USD payable directly to your local vendor after the first videocall
3. Rest is due 7 days before your elopement date – payable directly to your local vendor.

Your Dublin Photoshoot includes

  • Guided exploration starting from the meeting point
  • Comprehensive photographic coverage of your Ireland Adventure Session in Wicklow
  • A minimum of 100+ professionally edited high-resolution photos
  • Prompt delivery of your final photos within 6 weeks of your unforgettable Dublin Couple Photoshoot in Wicklow, Ireland.

Your Dublin Photoshoot does not include

  • Transport
  • Snacks & Drinks during your Dublin Photoshoot
  • Travel Insurance

Your Dublin Photoshoot - Packlist

  • I recommend wearing hiking boots or good walking shoes and to also bring warm clothes during your Adventure Session in Ireland just in case
  • Bring snacks and drinks, and bring your own car.

Your Dublin Photoshoot - Tips & Info's

When exploring the stunning landscapes of Wicklow, it is highly recommended to rent a car to fully enjoy the freedom of visiting remote and picturesque locations. The major airport in the area is located in Dublin, making it a convenient starting point for your Ireland Adventure Session. To be well-prepared for your Dublin Couple Photoshoot, it’s a good idea to pack plenty of warm layers and waterproof clothing. The weather in Wicklow can be unpredictable, but with the right attire, you’ll be ready to embrace any conditions and capture unforgettable moments in this breathtaking setting.


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