Glen Coe Adventure Couple Photoshoot | United Kingdom

Description of your Glen Coe Adventure Couple Photoshoot

Does the thought about a Glen Coe adventure couple photoshoot make your heart beat faster? Glen Coe has the most unique landscapes in UK and only a few countries rival Scotland when it comes to dramatic scenery.

The breathtaking glens, the mysterious deep lochs, cold and fast rivers, the iconic mountains and the rough peaty hillsides are all trademarks of the Scottish Highlands what you can not find anywhere else. Glen Coe is a perfect destination with it`s dramatic scenery for the couples with love and fire in hearts.

  • Program length: 4 hours
  • Meeting point: Glencoe, Scotland United Kingdom
  • Number of participants: 2 people
  • Climate: Scotland’s climate is generally cool and wet. It is influenced by the North Atlantic Drift, a warm sea current from the Caribbean, which keeps Scotland’s coast ice free in winter. The climate is oceanic, with no extreme variations or exceptional events like tornadoes, droughts or widespread floods, but the day to day weather can vary enormously and unpredictably, and is a national source of daily conversation.
  • Available:  All year
  • Recommended months: In my opinion the best months – to elope in Scotland – are March to May and September to November, but the Scottish Highlands and Isles will be magical all year round whatever the weather is
  • Activity level: light

About the Host of your Glen Coe Adventure Couple Photoshoot

Hiya, glen coe adventure photographer

I am Laszlo – a full-time elopement, intimate wedding and adventure couple photographer and a part-time hiking guide – based in a picturesque village of the Scottish Highlands where I feel most at home.


I would describe myself as more than just a photographer. I will be your tour guide, your planner, your driver, your idea booster, your meteorologist … and I would be your friend, who will be part of your extraordinary day to take amazing pictures.

I am passionate about helping you to have a fantastic time and experience while we are exploring Scotland on your adventure couple photo session day.

Itinerary of your Glen Coe Adventure Couple Photoshoot

We will start exploring Glen Coe around 4 hours before sunset. I will guide you through the photo session and show you the beautiful scenery of Glen Coe. We will walk and hike also take short drives between shooting locations.

Comments about your Glen Coe Adventure Couple Photoshoot

The experience is carried out under all weather conditions, even if it rains.
If the weather conditions make it dangerous to proceed with parts of the experience, the itinerary might be adjusted.

I will provide guidelines about:

  • travelling to the meeting point and what to see on your journey
  • the weather forecast and what should you wear to reflecting on the expected conditions.

Also, we will plan your photo session based on your imagination, my knowledge of location and photographic vision.

What is included in your Glen Coe Couple Photoshoot

  • Guiding from meeting point to the end of the photo session.
  • Complete photographic documentation of the adventure session – min. 200 beautifully edited photos delivered within 2-3 weeks after your photo session

What is not included

Travelling to / from meeting point before and after your photo session

What to bring to your Glen Coe Adventure Couple Photoshoot

I highly recommend semi or fully waterproof walking boots or comfortable shoes



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