Chile Elopement Package – Overnight Hike & Natural Spa

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Description of your Chile Elopement Package

Looking for a Chile Elopement Package? If you enjoy hiking and rough wilderness yet love a good spa-day at the same time, this unique Chile Elopement is for you!
Imagine the wilderness of the Andes as backdrop for the unique ceremony of your Hiking Elopement in Chile. Let’s head out together on an overnight hiking adventure, leading you to breathtaking mountain views and through enchanted valleys. Have an intimate sunset wedding ceremony at a natural hot spring or a desert mountain plateau and camp out under an incredible sparkling sky over the Andes mountains.

  • Trip length: 2 days
  • Meeting point: Start of the trailhead at “Hotel Termas Chillán”
  • Number of participants: 2
  • Experience: sunset adventure wedding ceremony at remote location, hiking and camping near volcano, bathing in natural hot springs, exploring arid high mountain areas and lush pastures
  • Sightseeing: volcanoes, stone desert, rivers, open pastures
  • Level: intermediate fitness, mountain hiking experience advantageous
  • Climate: dry mountain climate – hot & sunny days (up to 30°C) and cold nights (between -2°C and 12°C)
  • Available:  Between November and April
  • Recommended months: In my opinion, the best months for this Elopement in Chile are December & March.
  • Activity level: Moderate-strenuous. Good general fitness required, as the days include between 4.5-6 hours of hiking.
  • Conditions that exclude partaking: This experience is not suitable if you have fear of heights or suffer from altitude sickness (altitude can be up to 2,600 m)

About the Host of your Elopement in Chile

I am Christina. In 2015 I went out on a qchristina puszkar adventureweddingphotographerwebsiteuest to explore the Chilean Andes on horseback. While I traveled over two months through the wilderness, I totally fell in love with the rough beauty of the Chilean Andes. One particular night, I took a bath in a natural hot spring near the volcano Chillan. While I looked up into the clear starlit sky – feeling incredibly blessed –  a thought entered her mind, “That would be an amazing place to get married!” As I work as a full-time elopement and adventure wedding photographer, I want to provide adventurous couples with the opportunity to enjoy the magic of the lesser known places in the Andes that I discovered.
That’s why I create unique Chile Elopement Packages for adventurous couples – combining wilderness experiences with unique wedding ceremonies and photography/videography.

Itinerary for your Elopement in Chile

Day 1. Ascent & sunset elopement wedding ceremony

For your Elopement in Chile we meet early in the morning at the trailhead near the “Hotel Termas Chillán”. Prepare for a steep ascent to your wedding site, over 2,600 meters above sea level. In the early afternoon, we will reach your campsite in a beautiful valley nestled right next to the volcano Chillan. There will be: no electricity. No Wi-Fi. No luxury accommodations, but you can wash the dust away in a natural hot spring and enjoy a picnic lunch. After a short siesta it is time to put your wedding attire on and get ready for your sunset adventure wedding ceremony. For your vow exchange you can choose the scenic view over the valley just next to the natural hot spring or trek up to a sandy mountain plateau for a spectacular photo backdrop and an absolute unique experience. After tying the knot, you can relax over an intimate picnic dinner. The surroundings will invite you to spend some quality time with each other at the natural hot spring, admiring the star dusted sky before heading to bed at the “1000-star hotel”.

Day 2. Morning excursion and descent

Greet the new day with a sunrise morning excursion and/or wedding portrait session. Explore and experience desert mountains, sandy peaks, awesome panoramic views or decide for a lazy morning in bed and another visit to the amazing spa provided by mother nature. After a picnic lunch we will start the descent back to the valley where it is time to say goodbye in the early evening. The memories of your unique Elopement in Chile will always stay with you.

Comments about your Chile Elopement Package

This is just a sample itinerary that we can adjust or swap depending on your needs, fitness, and how things work. The schedule is very flexible and can be extended for one or two extra days.
This experience can be easily adapted to an Adventure Session, Vow Renewal or Wedding Proposal.

Payment terms:
15% deposit directly payable to our platform – 21 day moneyback guarantee applies.
35% within 2 weeks after our call paid directly to your local vendor.
50% 1 month before the wedding paid directly to your local vendor.

What's included in your Chile Elopement Package

  • Guiding from the trailhead to the wedding site and back
  • complete photographic documentation of the whole trip with 2 exclusive photo sessions (wedding ceremony, wedding portraits/intimate couple session) – min. 150 photos delivered within 5 weeks after your adventure wedding
  • video feature trailer (2-4 minutes) with the video story of your trip delivered within 5 weeks after your adventure wedding

What is not included in your Chile Elopement Package

  • travel to/from trailhead before and after your trip
  • travel insurance covering hiking activites
  • accommodation & meals – please bring your own tent, sleeping bags & food. I can help you in organizing your meals or other things but can’t carry them up for you (as the cameras are already quite heavy).

What to bring to your Chile Elopement Package

  • Wedding Dress/suit
  • firm, closed in hiking shoes
  • comfortable hiking clothes for different weather conditions (hot & sunny days, cold nights, occasionally it can be also windy and rainy)
  • camping equipment (big hiking backpack, tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag with comfort temperature around 0 °C, camping cooker, all your meals for the trip)
  • all meals for the trip
  • swimwear
  • hat, sunscreen & sunglasses
  • head torch
  • optional hiking sticks
  • reusable water bottle – you can drink the water directly from the mountain spring at the camp. If you are concerned about safety, you can bring water treatment tablets or a filtering system.

Optional Add-ons to your Chile Elopement Package

  • Hair & Make-up Styling on Adventure Wedding Site (USD 580)
  • Natural Flower Bouquet (USD 300)
  • Celebrant (USD 900)
  • Handcrafted Photobook 20×20 cm (USD 870)
  • Handcrafted Photobook 30×30 cm (USD 1050)
  • Priority Delivery (get your images within 10 business days; USD 800)
  • Fusion Video Trailer (about 60 sec; USD 1150)


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