Horse Riding Honeymoon in Chile

Description of your Horse Riding Honeymoon in Chile

Are you dreaming of a Horse Riding Honeymoon in Chile or an Adventure Wedding ceremony in the untamed Andes? Well, here are the good news: You can have them both!

Imagine the wilderness of the Chilean Andes as backdrop for your unique Adventure Wedding ceremony. Let us take you on a horseback journey, leading you to breathtaking mountain views and through enchanted valleys. Your wedding on horseback will provide the best of two worlds – the world of glamorous weddings and wild adventures. Your wedding venue in Chile will be situated right next to a natural hot spring with your glamping site at the side. Every day of your adventure wedding journey will bring new excitement and natural gems to discover in combination with natural hot springs and luxury camping — staying at the 1000 stars hotel.

  • Trip length: 8 days
  • Riding days: 7 days
  • Riding hours: between 3 and 8 hours per day
  • Meeting point: Concepción airport
  • Number of participants: between 2 and 6 people
  • Experience: Adventure wedding with horse riding and glamping near volcano, bathing in natural hot springs, swimming and hiking in pristine surroundings, spa & massage service at Los Peucos Lodge
  • Sightseeing: volcanoes, swamps, waterfall, stone desert, rivers, traditional puestos
  • Level: riders of all levels, there are cantering opportunities for experienced riders
  • Horses: Criollo horses
  • Saddle: traditional Chilean & Argentinian saddle
  • Climate: dry mountain climate – hot & sunny days (up to 30 °C) and cold nights (between -2 °C and 12 °C)
  • Available:  Between November and April
  • Recommended months: In my opinion, the best months for your horse riding honeymoon in Chile are December & March.
  • Activity level: Moderate -strenuous. Good general fitness required, some days can include more than 6 hours of horse-riding. Horse riding skills are advantageous but not necessary.
  • Conditions that exclude partaking: This experience is not suitable if you have fear of heights or horses or suffer from altitude sickness (altitude can be up to 2.300 m)

About the Host of your Horse Riding Honeymoon in Chile

I am Christina. In 2015 I went out on a qchristina puszkar adventureweddingphotographerwebsiteuest to explore the Chilean Andes on horseback. While I traveled over two months through the wilderness, I totally fell in love with the rough beauty of the Chilean Andes. One particular night, I took a bath in a natural hot spring near the volcano Chillan. While I looked up into the clear starlit sky – feeling incredibly blessed –  a thought entered her mind, “That would be an amazing place to get married!” As I work as a full-time elopement and adventure wedding photographer, I want to provide adventurous couples with the opportunity to enjoy the magic of the lesser known places in the Andes that I discovered. That’s why I created a unique Horse Riding Honeymoon experience in Chile just for you – combining wilderness glamping with a wedding on horse-back.

Itinerary of your Horse Riding Honeymoon in Chile

Day 1. Arrival

Ideally on a Friday, a guide will pick you up at Concepcion Airport on your arrival time. On the same day, you will arrive at your accommodation in a cozy cottage. This is it — brace yourself for a horse riding wedding adventure of a lifetime!

Day 2. Next morning

As soon as you have settled in, this day you will learn to get to know the horses and explore the nearby areas on horseback. This is like a test day in order to be comfortable with the riding equipment and environment in your wedding with a horse. You will have to pack your bags in the evening, but you can still opt to stay the night in the cottage before your glamping wedding day.

Day 3. Start into the wilderness

Prepare to get dusty and take on the deep ascent to your horse trekking wedding site over 2,600 meters above sea level. Then you will reach a location where you will stay for the night in a beautiful valley nestled in the mountains right next to the volcanic Chilean Andes. There will be: no electricity. No Wi-Fi. No luxury accommodations, but you can wash the dust away in a natural hot spring. You will camp out in a tent and have dinner cooked over the campfire. This will be your first night in “The 1,000 stars hotel”.

Day 4. Horse riding wedding day

Greet the new day on a morning horse ride. Explore and experience desert mountains, sandy peaks, awesome panoramic views. In the afternoon get ready for your sunset glamping wedding ceremony by the natural hot spring or on top of the sandy mountain for a spectacular photo backdrop. Not too many people get to have a wedding with a horse and glamping in Chile. Enjoy a beautiful romantic picnic dinner after the ceremony and spend quality time with each other at the natural hot spring. Just be yourselves as we capture the whole horse trekking honeymoon experience in photos. You can dare to go into an intimate photo session at the hot spring, but only if you’re comfortable doing so.

Day 5. Down to meet the Chilean cowboys

If you like, you can rise up early in the morning for a horse trekking honeymoon photo session in the beautiful morning glow. You can also choose to take it easy curling up in camp for a relaxed glamping wedding. In the afternoon, you will leave the desert area for the next camp. It will be a steep descent into a foresty area. Here you will see some puestos, or nice little rustic cabins of the local Chilean cowboys. You will notice the landscape changing from open and bare to a greener and lush area. You might see some domestic animals grazing. You will have a traditional barbecue and stay the night near a puesto experiencing a frugal lifestyle.

Day 6. A night at Los Peucos Lodge

The next day you will continue your journey through the lush parts. At about mid-day or afternoon, you will arrive at Los Peucos lodge, your beautiful eco-resort with a natural hot spring. You can enjoy another thermal bath or go explore the area. Pamper yourselves to a nice spa massage in the afternoon or evening as a horse trekking honeymoon treat.

Day 7. Variable day trip

For this day, you can either choose to hike or ride a horse to some beautiful locations. Available day trips would be to a beautiful hidden waterfall to enjoy a romantic bath and picnic or a relaxed ride through the valley with a picnic at the natural river bed with beautiful rock formations. You will spend another lovely horse trekking honeymoon night at Los Peucos. All these with professional photos to cherish the beautiful horse riding memories glamping in Chile.

Day 8. Back at the cottage

You will take an easy path through the valley on horseback on your return trip to the cottage where you started. It would not be easy as you say goodbye to your horses, however, your wedding photos will always give you something to remember them by. At last, it’s time to go to the airport to catch your flight back home.

Comments about your Horse Riding Honeymoon in Chile

This is just a sample itinerary that we can adjust or swap depending on your needs, fitness, and how things work. The schedule is very flexible and can be extended to extra days either during the horse riding wedding or the horse trekking honeymoon should you decide to enjoy the pristine nature a little longer.

Payment terms:
15% deposit directly payable to our platform – 21 day moneyback guarantee applies.
35% within 2 weeks after our call paid directly to your local vendor.
50% 1 month before the wedding paid directly to your local vendor.

What's included in your Horse Riding Honeymoon package in Chile

  • Pick-up from Concepcion airport
  • horse riding with professional guide as specified in itinerary
  • 8 nights of lodging (3x farm cottage, 3x glamping tent, 2x glamping dome)
  • private vow exchange with 3 course menu on wedding day
  • complete photographic documentation of the whole trip with 3 exclusive photo sessions (wedding ceremony, wedding portraits,  intimate couple session) – min. 200 photos
  • video feature trailer (2-4 minutes) with the video story of your trip
  • all meal during trip (breakfast, picnic lunch and warm dinner)
  • little extras (just for us): insect repellent, headlight/ flash light, warm water bottle

What is not included in your Horse Riding Honeymoon package

  • flight to/from Concepcion
  • travel insurance

What to bring to your Horse Riding Honeymoon in Chile

  • Wedding Dress/suit
  • firm, closed in shoes
  • comfortable long pants, long sleeve shirt
  • warm clothes for the night
  • warm jacket
  • swimwear
  • hat, sunscreen & sunglasses
  • head torch

We love our animals! Please make sure that the weight of your personal equipment does not exceed 20 kg per person, otherwise we have to make arrangements for additional pack animals.

Optional Add-ons to your Horse Riding Honeymoon package in Chile

  • Hair & Make-up Styling on wedding day (USD 580)
  • Natural Flower bouquet (USD 300)
  • Celebrant (USD 900)
  • Traditional Chilean BBQ (USD 75/person)
  • Individual extension of your trip for various days (USD 230)
  • Massage at Los Peucos Lodge (USD 60/hour)
  • Traditional Chilean BBQ (USD 75)
  • 1 day extension at Los Peucos Lodge (USD 150/person)


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