Austria Elopement with Sunrise or Sunset Ceremony & Picnic

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Your Austria Elopement

Have you ever dreamed of an Austria Elopement where hills are full of blooming wildflowers in the summer months, snow-covered mountaintops in winter, roaring waterfalls, crystal clear rivers, and lush green forests? Austria is a dream destination for your elopement, and we are so excited about every couple who wants to elope in our beautiful country.

Experience an adventurous Austria Elopement Wedding and say your vows to each other surrounded by a breathtaking mountain panorama. Create epic couple photos in the golden light of the sunrise and have a romantic picnic in a field full of wildflowers (or a snowy forest in winter).

With our Austria elopement package, you can choose if you wish to do it in the morning to catch the sunset or in the afternoon, to enjoy the sunset.

  • Elopement Location: Warth, Vorarlberg, Austria
  • Elopement Wedding: From sunrise to sunset, about 4 hours in summer, a little shorter in other seasons
  • Meeting point:  Beginning of hiking trail
  • Participants: 10 guests can join apart from the couple.
  • Child-Friendly Elopement: Children are welcome.
  • Dogs are allowed but must be on a leash
  • Elopement expercience: Sunrise or Sunset ceremony, hike up and down to scenic spot, Pop champagne, photo sessions
  • Sightseeing: Mountains, Alpine Lakes, Sunrise, Sunset, Alpenglow, Stargazing
  • Elopement: Hike, picnic, vow exchange, photoshoot
  • Activity level: Moderate – a few hours of hiking as part of your adventure.
  • Climate: Mountain climate – hot & sunny days (up to 25 °C) and cold nights (around 9 °C) Usually four seasons, with cold winters and mild summers.
  • Available: All year round
  • Recommended months: June – mid-September for wildflowers and warm temperatures | mid-September to November for autumn colors | January – April for snow

Your Austria Elopement Photographers

Hey, we are Victoria & Fabian,

hiking adventure wedding expert austriaWe love the outdoors, travel, new adventures, and capturing special moments with our camera. That’s why we created this Austria Elopement Package for you.

We live in the Austrian Alps and cannot count how many sunsets we have watched from the summit of a mountain. We made most of our favorite memories while exploring, hiking, skiing, and having a great time outdoors. In the last years, we built a life that focuses on experiences in beautiful places. We love to go on road trips all over Europe and are always looking for the next adventure and new places to explore, always keeping an eye out for new elopement locations. We believe that our dreams are here to chase them and do everything to make them a reality.


Photography allows us to share our enthusiasm for nature and beautiful landscapes with you and to encourage more couples to ditch the traditions and create a wedding day they are really stoked about
We all have heard the sentence that your wedding day is the most beautiful day of your life. We always thought that this is just another quote that makes the expectations for weddings even more stressful and unreachable. But after we photographed our first elopement in Austria, we think that your wedding day can really be one of the best days and an incredible experience to remember for the rest of your life. Our own elopement confirmed this belief. Creating a day that was all about our love for each other and the great outdoors was the best way to start this new chapter of our life.


You will get more than stunning photos if you book us as your wedding or elopement photographers. We will do everything to help you create a meaningful experience and your personal dream wedding day.

We photograph every Austria Elopement together as a team, this gives us the possibility to capture every special moment, from the best perspective for you.

Victoria & Fabian,
Your Austria Elopement Photographers

Your Austria Elopement - Itinerary

Your Sunrise Austria Elopement Wedding – Example Timeline

6:00am – Meet up at the beginning of the trail and start your wedding elopement under the nightsky
6:45am – After an easy hike and some stops for photos with the stars we arrive at the ceremony location, where you get changed into your wedding outfits
07:00am – Have a first look, while the morning light starts to color thy sky
07:15am – Private vow exchange during sunrise
07:30am – Take couple photos in the golden sunrise light
08:30am – Pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate your ceremony
08:45am – Have a romantic breakfast picnic
09:15am – Slowly start to hike back, with stops along the way for photos in all the different places
10:00am – End of your Austria Elopement adventure

Example Timeline of your Sunset Austria Elopement Wedding in June

18:15 – Meet up and start the hike
18:45 – Stop at a lookout and get changed into your wedding outfit
19:00 – Have a First Look
19:15 – Continue the hike in your wedding outfits and stop for photos along the way
20:00 – Arrive at the ceremony location, have a short break to prepare everything, and catch your breath
20:15 – Austria Elopement Wedding ceremony
20:45 – Pop a bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate your ceremony
21:00 – Couple photo session in the golden evening light
21:20 – Sunset
21:30 – First Dance in the Alpenglow
21:40 – Hike back down
22:15 – End of your Austria Elopement adventure

Your Austria Elopement - Comments

Your Austria Elopement is carried out under all weather conditions, even if it rains

If the weather conditions make it dangerous to proceed with your elopement in Austria, the itinerary might be adjusted

If the weather doesn’t look good, we can do it on another date that works for all of us

As the time of sunrise changes during the year, we have to adapt the times to your wedding date. It is also possible to adjust it around sunset or even during the day if you prefer a different time.

We can customize your Adventure Wedding in Austria to fit your vision and every fitness level. If you would like to add any other activities, like a boat ride on an alpine lake, or biking in summer, skiing or sledding in winter, we are happy to make this happen, and create a custom timeline around your dream activities.

LGBTQ+ friendly: Love and adventure are for everyone!

Payment terms
  • 15% directly payable as a deposit to our platform. The rest of the payment goes directly to the vendor.
  • 1000 USD directly to the vendor after the first video call
  • 50% of the rest 30 days before the wedding directly to the vendor.
  • And the final payment one week after the wedding.
Comment on Legal Marriage:
  • It is possible to get legally married on your Austria Elopement, even if you are a foreigner, although we will have to prepare some paperwork before the elopement.
  • If you want to include a legal wedding ceremony, we have to adjust the timeline and experience to make it possible.

Your Austria Elopement Package includes

  • Planning at sunrise or sunset
  • Individual location suggestions for your fitness level and favorite scenery
  • A customized timeline for your exact location and date
  • 4 hours of photo documentation of the whole elopement experience with two photographers
  • Couple of sessions after the ceremony
  • At least 300 professionally edited photos within 6 weeks after your Austria elopement
  • Sneak peek of 10 photos within one week after your elopement.
  • Private vow exchange
  • A bottle of sparkling wine to “pop “after your wedding ceremony
  • Picnic
  • Headlamps for the sunrise or sunset hike
  • Tea (to warm up during your Austria Elopement)

Your Austria Elopement Package does not include

  • Travel to the location of your Austria Elopement
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Insurance

Your Austria Elopement Package - Tipps & Info

If you book your Austria Elopement Package with us, we will send you an elopement guide filled with helpful tips and information on what to pack and how to prepare for your special day.

Your Austria Elopement Wedding - Packlist

  • Your elopement outfits
  • What you need for your Austria Elopement Wedding (e.g. vows, rings, champagne)
  • Snacks and water for the day
  • Hiking Boots
  • Layers to wear (it can get cold before sunrise)
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses

Your Austria Elopement Package - Addons

  • Guests (up to 10 people) can come at a 50 USD extra fee on your Austria Elopement. Included: picnic, headlamps for the hike, and photos.
  • Hair and makeup styling services are available for your wedding day in addition to your Austria Elopement package, priced at – USD 500 per person.
  • Flower bouquet – 300 USD each
  • High-quality photo book – USD 800 each
  • Boutonniere – 50 USD
  • Flower crown – 150 USD
  • Videography: 5-10 min highlight video with Full coverage: 1900 USD
  • Picnic lunch – 40 USD per person


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