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Has it been your long-time dream to have a Europe Elopement? Europe is a wonderful elopement destination with many diverse countries to choose from for your elopement wedding, and the backdrops for elopement photos are limitless. If you are considering an adventure wedding or elopement in Europe, keep on reading. We are happy to share some tips and info.

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Why elope to Europe? - Reasons for an Europe Elopement

With 51 independent states including (parts of) Russia as the biggest country and the Vatican as the tiniest, eloping to Europe is a great idea. These many countries offer a variety of sights, food, language, music and settings for your dream adventure wedding package. Europe is romantic, safe, has all the conveniences, and in most countries have the proper four seasons like snow during winter, the crisp freshness of spring, the lively sunshine activities in the summer, and the beautiful colors of cool autumn.

When to elope to Europe? - Best Seasons for your Elopement to Europe

Most countries in Europe have four seasons, so think about the time of the year when it is best for you when eloping to Europe. Each time of the year is as beautiful as the other, and it is best if you are prepared with the logistics for your elopement wedding in each season.

Spring or Fall Elopement in Europe

Europe has a variety of seasons, but the best time is probably spring and fall, when the weather is cozy and there are fewer tourists. It’s the ideal time for exploring the European landscape – hiking, kayaking, horse riding, and other outdoor activities for a unique elopement wedding.

Summer Elopement in Europe

For summer, we highly  recommend seaside activities such as boating or simply enjoying the Mediterranean beachscape. You can choose to elope to the Greek islands, or escape to Spain, Italy or even Turkey.  Bring your sunscreens as  it can be really, really hot — an ideal setting for sun and beach lovers. You can elope to Europe on sailboats, go diving or have your wedding ceremony on the beach.

Winter Elopement in Europe

Winter has its special magic with snow falling for that wonderland feel. You will have a chance to experience snow in most countries in Europe. However, in countries where winter is just barely below freezing point, you might want to go higher, like up into the Alps for a skiing  or snowboarding wedding. In Northern Europe, you  can venture the fjords and see the amazing Nordic Lights for yourself.

Where to elope in Europe? - Best places for your Europe Elopement​

The most popular European travel destinations are France, followed by Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Germany. But there are more places that are just as awesome for an Elopement in Europe!

We have plenty of Europe Elopement options on our list: Spain (Morro D’Labella, the Galician Mountains, and Mallorca), the United Kingdom, Scotland, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Sweden & Iceland.

Here you can check out a complete list of countries in Europe.

Europe Elopement: A Festival of Landscapes & Architecture

Elopement in Spain: The grand hills around Barcelona, discovering Catalunya

Eloping to Europe – particularly in Spain – promises a perfect natural background for your after-wedding session. Morro D’Labella is an adventurous escape from Barcelona that has a spectacular view and offers privacy yet is easily accessible. The hike is light, the sight amazing and you can even book a picnic for a taste of Barcelona local cuisine. With its Mediterranean climate, this Europe elopement is available all year round, with early spring or autumn as the most recommended time of the year to avoid the crowds and the heat.

Barcelona After Wedding Package – UK

Spain Elopement: Mystical mountains and beaches of Galicia

The west coast of Galicia is one of the most stunning parts of the Spanish Coast, an untouched paradise well-kept from international tourists. Treat yourselves when eloping to Europe with this adventure wedding experience at Rias Baixas with its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters with seafood and wine to go with it. Celebrate your Europe elopement with a wedding ceremony at the summit of Monte Pindo overlooking white sand beaches. Enjoy the rest of the evening with an intimate dinner in a small private restaurant at the side of the mountain. The best time to elope to Europe in these parts is from April to October, when temperature is around 30°C.

Galician Mountains & Beaches Wedding in Spain (4 days)

Italy Elopement: Wine and wander Wedding in Tuscany

Tuscany is a region in Central Italy best known for its capital city, Florence. Enjoy Renaissance art at its best when eloping to Europe to Tuscany, where beaches and mountains converge, dotted with idyllic olive groves and vineyards in the countryside. Of course, food and wine is one gastronomic experience you don’t want to miss.

United Kingdom:  Elopements in Magical forests & dramatic hills

A wedding elopement at the Peak District offers a fantastic backdrop of amazing mountains, moorlands, rivers, dales, forests, caves – you name it. There’s magic in every location to celebrate your special day. With its continental climate, this gem of a place has distinct four seasons, but expect the typical British weather where there can be some cold, rain, and sun. Get ready with your hiking shoes and brolly!

Glen Coe Adventure Couple Photoshoot

Sweden Elopement: Glamping wedding at a waterfall

Say your wedding vows at the Swedish National Park with a 93-meter waterfall as your backdrop. Enjoy a picnic after the ceremony by the warmth of a bonfire. Discover the oldest pine tree in the world, the Old Tjikko as you hike further on the trail. Spend the night glamping in a tent for that unique elope to Europe experience. Take note of the typical Swedish summer, which is 10-25 degrees, while winter is 0-18 degrees below zero.

Overnight Glamping Wedding in Sweden – “Say Yes” at a 93 m free falling waterfall

Iceland Elopement: Out of this world adventure on earth

Fall in love more deeply when in this beautiful country with its unique and striking features. A word of warning: Iceland is the third most expensive country in the world, so be ready with your budget. Of course, you get what you pay for, awesome Europe elopement to the most wonderful places Iceland has to offer – Kirkjufell, Reynisfjara Beach, Skógafoss, Landmannalaugar, the Black Church of Budir, Víti Lake, Lagoon of Jökulsarlón, Westfjords.

Winter delights for your Europe Elopement

Elope to the German & Austrian Alps: Snow & Skiing Elopements

If snow and skiing excite you, eloping to Europe in winter is a wonderful idea. Go ski touring in your wedding dress and suit and exchange I do’s at the top of the Austrian Alps. For just the two of you or a crowd of up to 12 people, Hotel Alpenstern in Damüls is the perfect place to host your big day. Best season is around December to April.

Lapland Wedding: Elopement under the Nordic lights

Lapland is not a country but an area across most regions of Finland, Sweden, Norway and a small area of Russia (Kola Peninsula). A popular tourist destination during wintertime (November to March) for its perfect vantage point of perhaps catching sight of the amazing and much sought after Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights. So bundle up cuz it’s gonna be cold yet cozy!

europe elopement lapland northern lights

Island Magic - Island Elopements in Europe

Mallorca Elopement: sun, sand, shore and a whole lot more

Share your most intimate moments on an island rich with deeply rooted Spanish culture and natural breath-taking sceneries. Relish the island’s ocean and mountain views, historical places, art and culture while traversing the Tramuntana mountains. Its mediterranean climate can be dry and hot, with a lot of sun and little shade in the summer so get ready to strip off down to your skimpiest at the beach. If you want cooler days and fewer tourists, elope to Europe in this part of Spain during the mid months of June, September and November.

Santorini Elopement Destination: the gem of the Greek sea

This wonderful island in the southern Aegean Sea boasts of gorgeous landscapes, luxurious villas and mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine. Sail away on a boat or explore its beautiful regions on foot or on horseback. The amazing sights and sensations will surely leave you with a Europe elopement to remember.

europe elopement destination santorini

Malta Elopement: get married in the middle of the Mediterranean

A tiny island archipelago located between the island of Sicily and the northern African coast, Malta is actually one of the most densely populated with around 500,000 packed in a small area of a rich and interesting culture. Eloping to Europe to this offbeat location promises an unforgettable wedding that is as warm as its climate and as beautiful as its natural setting. The best way to reach this small island country is by airplane, or if you have plenty of time and a sense of adventure, you can try the ferry from Sicily.

Mountain Elopement destinations in Europe

Austria Mountain Elopement: climb away!

Exchange I do’s in the most magical moment up in the Austrian Alps, surrounded by rugged landscapes and alpine flowers bathed in the most beautiful colors of the first rays of the sun. At 2334 meters above sea level, wonder at the majestic view of the Austrian alps on an easy hike. Lunch is served at a cozy mountain hut. In the afternoon, bask in the crystal clear alpine late as you enjoy the alpenglow together or with your friends. The weather is tolerable during hot and sunny days at up to 25°C and cold nights are around 9°C.

Dolomites: Stunning Mountain Elopement Destination in Europe

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Dolomites are a stunning mountain range in the northeastern parts of Italy.  Depending on which part of the area you are, the dominant language is either German or Italian. But you don’t have to say anything but the language of love if you want to get lost and spend alone time in the mountain wilderness and off-beat paths of the Southern Alps. Immerse in this truly breath-taking Europe elopement as you fill your lungs with fresh mountain air.

City Elopements in Europe: Urban treasures

Paris: the most romantic capital in the world

“Okay but first, Paris.” That’s the most obvious pick when planning an elopement to Europe with art, architecture, and amorous love in mind. The City of Love offers a variety of scenic and charming backdrops to your wedding photos: the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Champs Elysées, Palace of Versailles, Montmartre, the Seine river, Luxembourg Garden, the Latin Quarter, Arc de Triomphe and the quaint shops along the cobblestoned streets of Paris. If rugged adventure is not for you, Paris is a lovely place to fall in love.

Venice Elopement: Wedding Dreams woven by Gondoliers


Rome Elopement: Buzzing Culture & Architecture

Budapest: the Paris of the East

Prefer to go East in your elopement to Europe and still get the feel of Paris? Hungary is the place to be. Budapest is the Paris of the East, also called the Pearl of the Danube, a jewel, a hidden gem in the Middle of Europe, perfect for elopements and honeymoons. Celebrate your adventure wedding on a hill overlooking the Danube, the majestic Parliament and the Palace and enjoy discovering Budapest art, nature, cuisine all in one place. Hungary has all four seasons so depending on the time of the year you want to experience, always get a rain check for your wedding preparations. Fall and spring might be the best moments to visit.

Barcelona Elopement: Celebrate your Wedding at the Mediterranean metropolis

Eloping to Europe in Spanish Barcelona is an exciting proposition. You can enjoy the urban convenience and cultural charm with its narrow streets, beaches and delicious cuisine. Stroll through Barcelona’s stunning Gothic Quarter, exploring the maze of side streets and capture unique moments as you soak up the culture of this part of the city. Discover the magical charm of the Labyrinth Park, the oldest garden in the city. Enjoy nice and mild mediterranean climate and sunshine almost all year round in Barcelona.


Madrid Elopement

Europe Elopements off the beaten path: the road less taken

A flock of tourists can be truly annoying. You have to wait until they’re gone so that the place can be entirely your own. Intimacy is difficult with a crowd. In popular places, there are always people and therefore photobombing your dream wedding photos is always a possibility. It is also time-consuming and a lot of hassle when you have to pause every now and then to let the people dissipate. It is thus highly recommended if you take the less touristy route – few or no people to ruin your big day!

Elopement at the Hungarian countryside

Tired of the usual concrete jungle and a deluge of tourists ruining your intimate wedding moments? Escape to Hungary, where just an hour’s drive away from Budapest and voilà, you’re in the country’s hidden romantic gem of lovely landscapes, comfortable weather, and various activities for your laid back wedding day. You can choose to go hiking, kayaking, or historical sightseeing. It’s not the tourist’s first destination choice, and that makes it perfect for discovering the best kept secrets an off-beat place has to offer. Discover Central East Europe in its most basic in rural Hungary – Green hills, lush vegetation, abundant lakes and rivers, mild and sunny weather during most part of the year, amazing cuisine, the majestic beautiful capital of Budapest (voted most beautiful city in the world on various occasions), several cultural gems in every corner of the country, the kindness of the people and the affordable prices make it as an ideal Europe elopement and honeymoon destination.


Elopement at the Black Sea

Go off-beat to the Black Sea, the world’s largest inland body of water. But it’s not all water there, and the coast isn’t the only attraction. You’ll be surprised to discover snow during the winter, and a burst of colorful wildflowers and greens during spring. In the summer, the villagers bring their livestock and beehives up to the yayla. A perfect Europe elopement adventure with old cottages and cattle decorating a natural highland backdrop and a picnic of the region’s own cuisine. Take note, when in this region, it’s no longer Turkish food (no kebabs here). The Black Sea region has its own culinary blend of leafy greens, wild mushrooms, kale, fresh dairy products, corn, beans and other locally grown bounty. So prepare to be amazed.

Oceanside or surfing elopement in Portugal

Portugal is becoming well known already but still it is less touristy than Italy or Spain. It has amazing culinary delights, and the unique culture and breath-taking landscapes will surely stir your senses. Portugal is also a surf turf located at the Atlantic Ocean for all beach lovers out there. Eloping to Europe in this beautiful country promises exciting memories with its wonderful wind and wilderness.

europe elopement destination portugal

How to elope to Europe?

After you have decided on a country for eloping to Europe, list down the logistics that you will be needing for a particular country. Things to consider are visas, travel, luggage, and if you are bringing guests with you or not. Yes! You can still bring guests when eloping to Europe, but you also need to consider flight and accommodation costs. Many elopement photographers offer accommodation and location scouting, or you can hire a wedding planner. Browse our packages to see available elopement packages in Europe, or contact us directly for a tailor-made offer.

Other useful info for your Elopement to Europe:

  • Legal marriage – it is best for you to check on the wedding requirements of the country you wish to get married to. Some countries require a waiting period for getting married legally, so it is advisable that your eloping to Europe is organized for symbolic reasons. 
  • Currencies – most countries in Europe use the euro as currency, while other countries have their own. Do some research on exchange rates before traveling to the country of your choice.
  • Tap water – most countries in Europe have potable tap water, but you can also buy bottled water as well as soda water.
  • Food – Europe offers a variety of culinary delights, with its diverse culture within each country.


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