Croatia Elopement Wedding Adventure | Omiš

Your Croatia Elopement Adventure in Omiš

Looking to have a Croatia elopement with an adventurous spin? What about an adventure wedding in Omiš?

Have you always been drawn to adventure? Would you love to add some thrill to your Croatia elopement, but you also want it to be picturesque? A small Mediterranean town of Omiš might be your perfect fit! This ancient pirate stronghold has it all – the clear blue sea, beautiful beaches, sun reflecting off the stone walls… Guarded by two fortresses and formidable mountains, Omiš is situated on a river delta, packed with adventure and beautiful sights. From hiking and ferrata to canyoning and kayaking, you can find your perfect adventure elopement in Croatia here!

Whether it’s just the two of you eloping to Croatia, or your closest family and friends are joining you, you can embrace all the beauty of the Dalmatian towns and nature, say “I do” with a majestic mountaintop view, and top it all off with an adventure of choice!

  • Elopement location: Croatia, Splitsko-Dalmatinska, Omiš
  • Elopement length: 4 hours
  • Meeting point: At your accommodation or next to Cetina bridge
  • Participants: 5 guests can join apart from the couple
  • Children and dogs cannot come to this Croatia elopement
  • Experience: first look, strolling the old streets, hike up to old town and mountain top, ceremony, sunset photos – optional kayaking and canyoning
  • Sightseeing: small Mediterranean town of Omiš, fortress tower
  • Climate: Mediterranean climate: Winter with moderate temperatures and changeable, rainy weather. Summers are hot and dry.
  • Available: April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Recommended months: April and May, due to fewer tourists and rare winds. If you prefer a windy elopement, I suggest September to November. Please note that the weather and temperature in October and November vary yearly from cooler 10°C up to 20°C. If you wish to experience a pirate battle during your stay, plan your elopement around August 18th.
  • Activity level: Moderate – Few hours hike or walk.
  • Not suitable for people that suffer from: Hay fever, vertigo

Meet your Croatia elopement photographer

croatia elopement photographerHey!

I’m Adriana,
a hopeless romantic and adventurer by heart, telling stories of emotions and love is my jam! That’s why I created this Croatia elopement adventure in Omiš  for you. My style is creative, and all about capturing emotions and connection. I provide a custom photography experience, and help you remember the most out of your day.

My goal is to capture your memories as they really felt! Memories matter, and the most important moments of our lives deserve to be preserved. I love being around people celebrating their love, and capturing all the little moments they cherish. You will always find me smiling behind the camera, and dancing the night through! I know what it’s like being camera shy, so I’m all about making you feel comfortable during your Croatia elopement in Omiš, getting those emotions out, and having a bit of fun while we’re at it!

I’ve always been in love with Mediterranean mountains and the sea. I spent my full summers on the coast as a kid, and you will still find me touring Dalmatia’s rocks and beaches at every chance possible. Appreciating the nature around, and enjoying summer sunsets. Come and share this experience on your Croatia elopement in Omiš with me, you won’t be disappointed!

Your Croatia Elopement in Omiš - Itinerary

Example Timeline for a Croatia elopement adventure in Omiš during mid-May:

15:00 – Meet up at the old town or your accommodation to start your Croatia Elopement, with an optional first look. Stroll the streets Omiš to enjoy the view and take couple photos.

*If you have guests, you can opt for group formals. This will add up to 30 mins to your timeline.

**Optional beach photoshoot. This will add 30-60 mins to your timeline.

17:30 – Make our way out of the old town and towards the hiking path.

17:45 – Hiking up the mountain to your Croatia elopement ceremony location. The hike is about 1h long, but is not easy, and requires proper hiking shoes.

*Your guests can choose to meet us at the ceremony location. They can go to a shorter and easier path by car, and then take a 10-20 min hike to the fortress.

**If you have already done a ferrata, you can also opt to ferrata your way to the fortress, instead of hiking.

19:00 – Exchange your vows at the mountaintop or a fortress tower, overlooking the town, or have an optional ceremony with a celebrant, music and first dance.

19:20 – Mini wedding session during the most romantic light of the day, with watching the sunset.

20:00 – Slowly make our way down to the town via the 10-20 min hike down, and then an easy walk to the town. End of photo coverage of your Croatia elopement in Omiš.

Your Croatia Elopement in Omiš - Comments

If the weather conditions make it dangerous to proceed with parts of your Croatia elopement, the itinerary might be adjusted. There is possibility to reschedule your Croatia elopement by +-2 days under the condition that everyone is available.

Other activities, such a kayaking, can be added to your Croatia elopement, either on the same day, or the next day.

Your Omiš elopement is not safe to be carried out if it rains or if the wind is too strong. In those cases, we can move your elopement in Croatia to another date that works for all of us, or you can choose to change the location of the ceremony.

Comment on legal marriage: It is possible for you to get legally married in Croatia. However, note that this will require a lot of paperwork that you will have to obtain and apostille in your country, as well as a visit to the notary in Croatia. Also note that the notary may decline to do even a short hike for the ceremony. In this case, the ceremony location can be changed to a beach ceremony, or a ceremony at a fortress situated at the edge of the town.

Every wedding that includes a foreigner must have a court interpreter present. This, together with hefty fees asked by the notary for a wedding on any location outside the notary’s office, will add to your elopement expenses.

If you still wish to have a legal ceremony during your Croatia elopement, let me know, and I will provide you with the steps needed to do so!

Unfortunately, a legal ceremony in Croatia is currently only available for heterosexual couples. If that does not apply for you, you can still have a symbolic ceremony 🙂

Comment on LGBTQ: Love is love :).

Payment terms

15% directly payable as a deposit to our platform – 21 day moneyback guarantee applies
30% directly to the vendor after the first video call
And the final payment one week before the wedding – payable directly to the vendor

Your Croatia elopement in Omiš includes

  • Tips & tricks, logistics and other planning services for your Croatia elopement in Omiš
  • Personalized photoshoot location idea list in the old town of Omiš, and in the mountains
  • customized Croatia elopement timeline for your best experience
  • full photographic coverage of your Croatia elopement
  • couple-photo sessions in different locations
  • a minimum of 150 hand-edited images within 60 days after your Omiš elopement 

Your Croatia elopement in Omiš does not include

  • Travel to/from Omiš for your Croatia elopement
  • Accommodation (note, that you should book your accommodation between January and March of the year of your Croatia elopement).
  • Insurance
  • No meals are included. Please pack adequate hiking snacks. A lunch and/or dinner can be arranged at a local restaurant of choice. Prices will depend on the restaurant in question.

Croatia Elopement Adventure in Omiš - Packlist

  • Your wedding outfits
  • what you need for your symbolic ceremony (e.g. vows, rings, etc.)
  • backpacks
  • snacks and water for the day of your Croatia elopement
  • hiking shoes that you have already worn, and which you find comfortable
  • layers to wear in the evening
  • waterproof clothes and covers for the backpacks
  • head torch or flashlight
  • hats, especially if you are light-haired
  • your usual spring/summer care package

Croatia Elopement Adventure in Omiš - Tipps & Infos

I will send you an elopement guide that prepares you for the location and season of your Croatia elopement, together with tips & tricks from a seasoned traveler.

Note that the hike of this Croatia elopement adventure is not easy! Despite being only an hour long, it is very steep in places, and requires you to climb over rocks. If you wish to have this experience, but are not used to demanding hikes, take time to physically prepare for your Croatia adventure elopement.

Croatia Elopement Adventure - Addons

Up to 5 guests can join your Croatia elopement in Omiš free of charge. Note that if they are not hiking with us to the ceremony location, they will have to rent their own car, use a taxi or go on foot taking the shorter hiking path.

  • Musician – traditional a cappella singers of Dalmatia. This is available at the fortress only if you have no guests. The ceremony can be held elsewhere if you have guests, such as on the mountaintop in front of the fortress. – 500 USD
  • Bridal Hair & Make-up – 300 USD
  • Bridal Flower Bouquet – 300 USD
  • Small Flower Bouquet – 200 USD
  • Celebrant for symbolic ceremony – 800 USD
  • Videography 5-10 min highlight video, OR 2-3 min trailer video + 15-30 min regular video – 1800 USD
  • Flower Crown – 250 USD
  • Large Photobook 40×30 or 30×30 cm, 50 pages – linen or velvet covers – 600 USD
  • Small Photobook 25×25 cm, 50 pages – 40×30 or 30×30, 50 pages – linen or velvet covers – 450 USD
  • Kayaking – 2-3 hrs for the couple – 160 USD base price for the couple –
  • Kayaking for guests – 60 USD per every additional person
  • Canyoning for couple – 3-4 hrs + transfer duration 1:30h – 200 USD base price for the couple Canyoning for guests – 80 USD per every additional person
  • Additional photography – 200 USD/hour
  • Extra day of photography coverage – 1000 USD flat fee
  • Photobox – 15×10 cm + 25 prints – 300 USD *more prints can be added to the box, 2,5 USD per print
  • Book protection box (same covers as the book) – 200 USD
  • Hand-made vows stationery (his and her vows) – 40 USD


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