What happens if I get booked

What happens if I get a booking?

We are a booking platform and we would like to help you make you understand how it works when clients book you through us.

I got a booking request - what shall I do?

If a client is really interested in your package,
they can request a date from you.


You will receive a system email asking you if you are available on that date or not.


In case the date is good for you,
please click on CONFIRM booking.


In this case, the client will get notification that you are available, and they get an email prompting them to pay the 15% deposit to secure their booking.


We ask you to hold the date for 3 days after confirming the booking request. Clients might not book, so if you do not hear from us, feel free to ignore the request after 3 days.


In case the date is not good for you – please reach out to us via mail offering alternative dates, so we can communicate these to the client.

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So when do I know that I am booked?

When you confirm the date, the client will get a notification that you are available, and they get an email prompting them to pay the 15% deposit (our commission) to secure their booking.


You will receive a confirmation email about the payment and the client’s information.


From this moment on, it is showtime for you, YOU will be in charge of communication and organization. 

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What shall I do after booking?

After the couple has paid the deposit, all communication and organization goes through you!


 Reach out to the couple via mail and cc us. ASAP


Set up a time for video call meetng with the couple within a few days.


Prepare your contract and payment terms


Take initiative and inform them about next steps.

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First have a video call with the client and send the contract to them only after that.
We offer a 21-day money back guarantee  because they cannot get in touch with you vendors before paying deposit… so we give clients this little safety net and this is why it is absolutely mandatory to have a videocall with them before further steps.

Remember, the client has already paid 15% of the total amount to us.
So you should ask for a second installment and not a deposit.

Pay special attention to these


When the couple pays the deposit, they already entered a contractual relationship with you. Everybody agreed to the Terms and Conditions when signing up on our platform.

However, it is best that you sign your own contract with the couple for any details you would like to tend to and that couples feel safer as well. You just need to make sure it is in alignment with our T&Cs.

Payment terms

You will be also in charge of how you want to receive the remaining balance of the payment and other details – you will have to communicate this directly to the client in your after the booking/ in your first call.

Be aware that clients already paid 15% to us (our commission).

We suggest that you ask for a retainer of 30-50% of the remaining balance soon after the call, and then ask for the remaining part in one or two parts before the wedding.

Payment methods

Please be prepared for international clients and offer them several payment options.

We suggest you give them credit card payment option. Read about an external source on how to do this here.

Wise.com is another option for international bank transfers.

Paypal is also an easy solution.

Be professional, proactive, and make the couple feel safe. You are their point of contact and elopement planner or photographer, so make sure to make them understand what the next steps are at any point.

21-day money back guarantee

We offer a 21-day money-back guarantee to clients in case they should feel that after talking with the vendor, they are not the right fit. This is to help clients to be able to make a booking commitment without having the possibility to talk with you in person.

It is mandatory that you get in touch with clients fast and arrange a video call shortly after booking. You are obliged to offer at least 5 available time slots for a video call (be mindful about possible time zone differences) within 2 weeks after booking.

Got problems?

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In case you have issues...

... with the couple (they are not answering or paying you), or you have life/health problems hindering you giving a professional service, please always reach out to us via mail so we can help.​

We truly care

…about you being unique
…about win-win situations
…about adventure providers’ needs
…about you growing professionally
…about you getting more bookings
…about sustainability
…about connecting local businesses to an international market 

Got more questions? Check our FAQs for more details.

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