Colorado Adventure Wedding – Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement

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Your Colorado Adventure Wedding - Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement

Looking for a Colorado Adventure Wedding? How about an Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement?
Do you want to spend your wedding day in nature instead of a stuffy event space? Take your wedding day to the mountains and hike to a secluded alpine lake at sunrise or sunset. Say your vows with mother nature as your witness and bask in the fields of wildflowers that surround you. My goal as your Colorado adventure wedding photographer is to capture your Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement ceremony and your experience enjoying special moments together. No posing or photoshoot feels, just the two of you and what makes your Colorado Adventure Wedding special.


  • Adventure Wedding location: United States, Colorado, Buena Vista
  • Wedding length: 5 hours
  • Meeting point: Lost Lake Trailhead
  • Participants: 15 guests can join your Colorado Adventure Wedding apart from the couple
  • Children: yes, maybe only children old enough to walk/hike on their own or young enough to be carried in a hiking backpack.
  • Dogs: dogs are welcome on your Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement, but must be kept on a leash due to active wildlife in the area
  • Climate: Alpine or mountain climate – usually four seasons, with cold winters and mild summers.
  • Available: All Year Round
  • Recommended months: July, August, September, and October
  • Activity level: Light – Suitable for anyone.
  • Not suitable for people that are unable to hike more than 2 miles each way up a mountain

Meet your Colorado Adventure Wedding Photographer

colorado adventure wedding photographerHi!
My name is Jenny and I’m a Colorado native obsessed with photographing couples eloping in my beautiful state and beyond. I believe in real love and authentic moments. Your Colorado Adventure Wedding should be an experience that you will remember for generations, and the photos are simply an amazing way to take you back to those special moments you experienced during your Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement. I strive to encourage couples to be themselves, enjoy the moment, and I’ll be there to capture it.

Your Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement Itinerary

Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement  – Sunrise Itinerary

6:00am – meet at the trailhead for your Colorado Adventure Wedding

6:15am – begin hike to Lost Lake

1 hour buffer for hike to stop and take photos along the way

7:15am – arrive at Lost Lake

7:30am – change into wedding attire for your Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement

7:45am – first look

8:00am – explore around lake to ceremony location

8:15am – Vow ceremony

8:30am – Champagne pop to celebrate your Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement!

8:45am – sign marriage license

9:00am – Portraits around the lake

1 hour buffer to explore

10:00am – small breakfast picnic or charcuterie plate

10:30am – begin hike back down to the car

30 minute buffer to take photos hiking back down

11:00am – arrive back at the car, finish of your Colorado Adventure Wedding coverage

Your Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement - Comments

Your Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement is carried out under all weather conditions, even if it rains, If the weather conditions make it dangerous to proceed with parts of your Colorado Adventure Wedding, the itinerary might be adjusted, There is possibility to reschedule your Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement by +-2 days under the condition that everyone is available.


The program of your Colorado Adventure Wedding can be set up for a hike at sunrise or sunset depending on the time of year, weather and preference of the client. We can also incorporate more water related activities on your Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement during the warmer months, including July or August.


Comment on legal marriage: Yes, it is possible to get legally married on your Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement. Apply for a marriage license for your Colorado Adventure Wedding in the nearest town (Buena Vista) and I can be your witness, or you don’t need any witnesses at all! In the state of Colorado, you are allowed a Self-solumnization ceremony.
I am also ordained if you would like me to officiate.


Comment on LGBTQ: I believe in real love. All types of love. I welcome all couples to enjoy a Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement and share with me how we can make it more special to you and your relationship as a couple.

Your Colorado Adventure Wedding Package includes

  • travel to and from your Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement for one photographer
  • customized questionnaire to learn more about you as a couple and brainstorm ideas to make your Colorado Adventure Wedding represent you and your relationship in the best way possible
  • pre-planning services – google map location, photos of the hike to familiarize you with the area, example gallery from another Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement shot there, preparation guide & email with details on what to expect
  • 30 minute phone call 1-2 weeks prior to the day to make sure we are all on the same page about your Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement
  • 5 hours of photo coverage on the day of your Colorado Adventure Wedding (including the hike up, first look, vow ceremony, champagne pop/picnic, adventure portraits, hiking down)
  • Sneak peaks within 48 hours of the wedding day
  • final edited photos to be delivered via an online gallery within 6-8 weeks of your Colorado Adventure Wedding (usually ranging from 400-700+ photos)

Your Colorado Adventure Wedding Package does not include

  • Florals
  • travel insurance
  • travel & accommodations
  • transportation to and from your Colorado Adventure Wedding
  • food/lunch/dinner/snacks
  • Couples are encouraged to pack their own lunch or picnic. This service can be provided as an add-on to your Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement

Your Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement - Packlist

For the hike to your Alpine Lake Elopement:

  • comfortable hiking boots
  • comfortable hiking clothing
  • waterproof jacket, poncho, or umbrella in case of rain
  • water bottle, snacks


For your Colorado Adventure Wedding ceremony:

  • rings
  • vow books
  • marriage license
  • wedding attire – dress, suit, top, skirt…etc…
  • wedding shoes
  • anything else that is special to you for your day – family heirlooms, jewelry, watche, ties, cufflinks, ribbon etc…

Your Colorado Alpine Lake Adventure Wedding - Tipps & Info

We will start on time! Being a lover of natural light, my timing for your Colorado Adventure Wedding isn’t a coincidence, it is scheduled so that we have the best lighting for your photos. Please allow enough time when you find yourself planning and include time for travel or traffic. If we begin a bit late, we won’t be able to stay late! This just ensures that we are in the right place at the right time and will give you the best results!


Come prepared to your Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement!  Make sure you allow enough time to enjoy the experience prior to the photos. Happy people make happy photos :). Consider setting out your outfits the night before and making sure you have every accessory you want photographed ready! I highly recommend you have freshly painted nails or clean nails because I will be taking some close-ups of the ring. No chipped nail polish, please!


Feel free to bring one change of clothes to your Colorado Adventure Wedding: We will be hiking, so I recommend wearing something you are comfortable hiking in and wearing hiking boots, then bring whatever you would like to change into in a separate bag. Warning: You may need to change in the woods, depending on where we are shooting your Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement! Just be prepared for the adventure! I’ll stand guard! I also have a pop-up changing tent, so whatever you are most comfortable with.


It’s more than okay to feel nervous! Please know that I do not expect you to be models. My job is to direct you in a way that helps you relax, feel natural, and be your true comfortable selves in front of my lens. You do not need to practice poses for your Colorado Adventure Wedding, study Pinterest pints or let the nerves take over. Don’t worry if you are feeling nervous, I’ll be sure the end result is something you will love!


This day is about YOU!  I want your Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement photos to scream YOU! We can incorporate anything personal into the photos in a fun way! Maybe it’s something from your proposal or a hobby you both love and share, maybe it’s a food you love or a bottle of wine that is special. Do you guys have a favorite band or music style that you want playing in the background? Make a playlist! Do you want to shoot off some champagne to celebrate? Whatever you want in your photos, I’ll do my best to make it happen! Just let me know how I can help.

Your Colorado Adventure Wedding - Add-ons

Guests (up until 15 persons) can come at no extra charge. Guests are invited to join for your Colorado Adventure Wedding ceremony or for group photos and individual photos upon request by the couple. I will send a “group portrait list” prior to the day of your Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement. Any guests the couple would like photos of will need to be included on that list. Any guests not included on the list will not be photographed.

  • Picnic Lunch charcuterie board & bottle of champagne or chosen beverage – 25 USD per person
  • Small Photobook 10×10, 40 pages, linen cover – 300 USD


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