How can you benefit from our EXPERT BADGE?

We have designed a special badge for our adventure wedding experts with a published experience on our site. 
Here we would like to explain a bit about SEO and why it is very beneficial for you to put our expert badge on your website.


Raise your reputation

You can use our badge to highlight your expertise in elopements on your website. Being featured on external sites & part of a community of experts, raises your reputation with potential clients.

Link directly to your experience to show an example how an experience with you would look like. It will be as easy as never for interested couples to see your professionalism, imagine how their day with you would look like & book you.

How to display your badge on your website?


Just copy the code snippet below the badge and insert it at a suitable place on your website.

To link it to your own experience, please adapt the URL in the code snippet accordingly:

REPLACE “” by the individual url of your experience.

AW expertbadge small
<a href="" target="_blank" rel=”dofollow”>
<img src="" 
alt="Adventure Wedding Expert" width="300px"></a>

A word on our SEO

Our platform is highly optimized for top rankings in Search Engines. We want you to know that our SEO experts are optimizing every experience by hand. That’s why our on-page SEO is absolutely incomparable, and your experience is specifically adjusted to be seen as highly relevant for the keywords you used in your experience title.

Nonetheless, how well your  INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCE ranks in search engines, is not just depending on the on-page SEO but also on how many authoritative sites link to this experience. Especially in highly competitive areas (like popular elopement locations for example), it is absolutely crucial for sites to be perceived as relevant & trustworthy to be ranked well. 

On-page SEO - Relevance

All what we do on the Adventure Wedding Platform and your experience to make it easy for the search engines to find. It includes key word optimization, good site structure, correct meta tags, optimizations of images, site speed etc.

We take care to optimize your experience page by hand so that its content will be perceived as highly relevant for the keywords stated in your experience title.

Off-page SEO - Trust

Includes  all the things we do outside of our platform, besides advertising. Most well know is link-building, but it also embraces social media, brand building, citation building, content marketing, social media amongst others.

The more links you have from other websites pointing to your unique experience, the more votes of trusts it is getting, and the higher it will rank.

You can see, that regarding Off-page SEO, you can contribute to the success of your experience with little effort.

We would like to encourage you to directly link to your created experience from your website
with the badge & share the experience link on your social media channels.

How will you benefit?

Highlight your expertise with the expert badge on your website

Clients will trust you even more at a single glance

Link to your experience offering an example

With this, you improve your experience’s ranking automatically

Share your experience url on your social media channels

Drive even more traffic to your experience

Are you in our vendor directory?

Every registered expert giving us a backlink can become part of our vendor directory. Ideally you should be already part of it, because this possibility is open to every approved vendor on our site, even without a published experience yet.

In case you missed out on this, just fill out this form. 

  • Please insert with https://
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, Max. file size: 5 MB.


In this way we, linkbuild together with you.

You win, we win.

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Got a question? Write to us!

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