What is an adventure wedding/elopement?

Adventure wedding or elopements is a new emerging trend where couples

  • embark on an adventure together on their wedding day (many times into another country)
  • celebrate their wedding day in nature, in an amazing scenery,
  • coupled with an adventurous program like horse riding, or sleeping in a tent
  • and most importantly in an intimate way (usually just the two of them or just a few friends, family) accompanied by a photographer/some organizers, helpers.

While the two terms do have different connotations and meanings, we will be using them mostly as synonyms. Sometimes elopements are referred to something smaller, just the bridge and groom accompanied maybe by a few friends and some family whereas adventure weddings could potentially be also something bigger in size, but for sure it is at an amazing location, like a mountain top, or waterfront. But all in all, both elopements and adventure weddings tend to be intimate, adventurous and an amazing experience.

Adventure weddings and elopements are on the rise.  It is a trend, which  – like so many – and as far as we are aware of, has started from North-America (US and Canada). No wonder, if you think about it. These two countries boast of amazing natural landscapes on every inch of their land. Because adventure weddings are ALL about connecting with nature, celebrating your love in nature and tying the know next to birds chirping or a waterfall flushing down.

US is also home to the American Dreams, a land where all dreams come true, be it love, money or an experience. Oh what a delight, to believe in our dreams! What a miracle to fall in love and expressing the wish to wanna share your life together, through good and bad times. A wedding day can be the peak of your love story, a day which you remember as one of the best in your lifetime. Of course, some couples decide to marry after having been together for many years, for them it is more like a beautiful celebration for all the adventures they have been through already.

Relationship is about community and family as well, but why not make it actually more about just the two of you? This is what more and more couples have been thinking and are eloping into the wilderness, to get nature’s blessing on their love. The dream of getting married on a mountain top, on a glacier, hiking in your wedding dress for hours, sleeping in yurts or under the stars on your wedding night, without all the hassle of  typical wedding day – IT IS POSSIBLE.

Webster’s definition on elope is the following: to run away secretly with the intention of getting married usually without parental consent. Well, this is starting to be an outdated approach. In some cases, couples chose not to tell their family until they are over the elopement, but this is really not the usual case. It all depends on family dynamics. What is important to take from this definition is that the couple choses an experience for themselves instead of pleasing their families wishes. We are not saying this is always the case, and we do not have anything against traditional weddings, no way. We love tradition, we love family but we also love the idea that we live in an openminded new world where we can try something new.

Let us be honest, planning typical weddings almost always become stressful. Who to invite, what should be the dessert, who should sit next to each other, what ribbon should be on the chairs…shall we continue? On adventure weddings, all the planning energy goes into the important thing: creating a lifetime experience for you. And not only planning, but also the money.

Planning an adventure wedding would follow a thought of line like this. You need to decide on a scenery and mood you would like to get married in. Is it a beach front, a mountain top, a desert heat, lush green nature, or maybe a glacier? Is there any activity you would love to be doing, like hiking (well, that is almost always included in it), horse riding, kayaking, hot air balloon flying, maybe climbing? It is all open. We are aware that the trendsetter adventure wedding couples are outdoorsy and might already have a very specific vision on what amazing experience they want. However, we would like to spread this trend and this is why we created this website. We would like to offer inspiration to couples so they can see how many amazing experiences they can chose for their wedding day. It is really not that complicated, and we would love to see more and more couples going on adventure weddings.

Who can help you plan the wedding, and who will do the ceremony? How will you find your way in another country? Well, the answer is almost always the photographer. Adventure wedding photographers have a much bigger role than just taking your pictures on your wedding days. They inspire you and envision an elopement experience. While usually it would be you obviously taking care of your travel, they can help you with advice and tips in travel planning. They attend to some of your wishes. They can help you get  a ceremonial leader and a flower bouquet. They will also be your travel and adventure partner for the big day, kind of like  good friend. And last but not least, the will deliver all those amazing pictures which will help to make your adventure wedding day truly unforgettable.