Exercise 3 - Your dream elopement

As elopement and adventure experts, we plan and take part in adventurous experiences of couples all the time. But what would YOUR dream elopement or adventurous wedding be? Or if you also eloped, what was your elopement day like?

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and dream about that one perfect day for you and your significant other. Imagine that you are directing a movie where both of you are the protagonists. Let all the details come to life: Where do you picture yourself? Does an image of you on a mountain top, seaside or dreamy forest come up? Are there any specific activities involved, like a horseback ride or canoe trip? Maybe a cozy picnic on a nice hill gives you that warm & fuzzy feelings? Involve all your senses when picturing that main scenario – smell, sight, feeling of your skin, sounds & taste. What other things would you like to do on that day? How much rest would balance out the activities? Would you like some friends and family to share the moment with you or do you prefer to spend that day just between the two of you…?


Write what came to your mind. Don’t censor yourself, just let your imagination run free and write down all the details.

What kind of sceneries came to your mind? What are your favorite sceneries (i.e. beach, city, mountains,…)

What kind of activities did you think of? What activities do you feel drawn to?