North Cascades Adventure Wedding | Washington

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Your North Cascades Wedding in Washington

Imagine your North Cascades Adventure Wedding, being engulfed by majestic mountainscapes, alpine lakes, and vast hills of pine trees all while experiencing your love in wild places. This dream isn’t far off – it can be your Adventure Wedding in Washington!

  • Location: Glacier, Washinton, United States
  • Elopement Length: 8h
  • Meeting point: Cabin or Airbnb
  • Participants: 15 guests can join your North Cascades Adventure Wedding apart from the couple.
  • No children allowed
  • No dogs allowed
  • Activity level: Light – Suitable for anyone.
  • Climate: Alpine or mountain climate: Usually four seasons, with cold winters and mild summers.
  • Available: June, July, August, September, October
  • Recommended months: End of June – Beginning of October

Meet your North Cascades Wedding Photographer

Meet your North Cascades Wedding PhotographerHi! I’m Devin, your North Cascades Adventure Wedding photographer + Super 8 Videographer!

I’d do anything for your starry-eyed happiness.
I’d hang the moon for you.

Seriously, I want nothing more than to be a partner in the success of your Adventure Wedding in Washington. Catering is an experience that fits you and guides you through the weirdness and wilds of planning. And to passionately document you having the time of your life.

I’m pretty much going to be part of the family from here on out! Maybe sometimes like your wild aunt who cries at your successes and maybe like a cool cousin who looks up to you cause everything you do is badass. (I’m a Gemini, so give me a break.) But always as a friend who is a cheerleader for your happiness.

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with the right word for this “feeling” that I’m positive you’ve experienced too.

So help me out….

You know when you read/see/hear something and it just gets you pumped? Your adrenaline starts going, it’s all you can think about, and you can’t stop until you actually do the thing? And then once you do you can actually sleep again, but, you’re just so freaking stoked every morning you wake up! Then when it’s over you’re a little sad, but not too sad, because it isn’t goodbye just yet it’s see ya soon?

Well, THAT is how I feel about photographing couples in love.

You’re probably wrapped up in that same rush right now planning your wedding Elopement in Washington and imagining the pieces of your vision falling into pace all around you. Whatever that feeling is, isn’t it…just… just the best?

Your Adventure Wedding in Washington - Itinerary

Underneath you find a sample timeline of your Adventure Wedding in Washington

1:30 pm – Devin Arrives at Cabin (getting ready photos + detail shots)
2:30 pm – Portraits at Cabin
3:00 pm – Leave Cabin
3:45 pm – Arrive at Austin Pass Picnic Area
3:50-4:40 pm – This will be the time for your North Cascades Adventure Wedding picnic
4:45 pm – Leave Austin Pass Picnic Area
4:55 pm – Arrive at Table Mountain Overlook Parking Area
5:00 pm – Walk up to Table Mountain Overlook
5:15 pm – Your North Cascades Adventure Wedding ceremony will be held at Table Mountain Overlook (portraits to follow)
5:45 pm – Leave Table Mountain Overlook
5:55 pm – Arrive at Artist Point/Ptarmigan Ridge Parking Lot
6:00 pm – Start Ptarmigan Ridge Hike
6:20 pm – Arrive 1 mile into hike
6:25 pm – Portraits
6:45 pm – Start hike back to trailhead
7:05 pm – Arrive at Artist Point/Huntoon Point Trailhead
7:10 pm – Start Huntoon Point Trail (Photos all along the way!)
7:30 pm – Start Golden Hour Photos at Huntoon Point
8:56 pm – Sunset
9:00 pm – Start Hike Back to Trailhead
9:30 pm – Back to Trailhead

North Cascades Adventure Wedding - Comments

Your North Cascades Adventure Wedding is carried out under all weather conditions even if it rains.
This itinerary or exact locations can be flexible based on what you would like your experience to be.

Summer days in the North Cascades are long and sunset is late so we will plan around your Adventure Wedding in Washington.

LGBTQ-friendly: Love is love is love is love. You deserve to have the best North Cascades Adventure Wedding day ever and I would be so honored to capture your love for you. My business and the North Cascades NP support all LGBTQ+ and queer love!

There is a possibility to get legally married on your Adventure Wedding in Washington.
I and my partner/assistant are both legally ordained in the state of Washington and can sign your marriage certificate for a legal marriage.

Payment terms:

  • A 15% deposit payable directly through the platform to secure your date
  • 15% after the first video directly to the vendor

All further payments can be set up in a payment plan. Payment plans are available and can be made in 2 or 4+ payments.

Your Adventure Wedding in Washington includes

  • Guiding from meeting point and participating in activities
  • Any permits needed for your Adventure Wedding in Washington
  • Complete photographic documentation of your North Cascades Adventure Wedding with 2 exclusive photo sessions (wedding ceremony, wedding portraits) – min. 300 edited high-res photos delivered within 6 weeks after your adventure wedding
  • Super 8 Film Video feature trailer (2-4 minutes) with the video story of your trip delivered within 6-8 weeks after your adventure wedding
  • Picnic Charcuterie Board for Celebratory Meal

Your North Cascades Adventure Wedding does not include

  • Travel to and from location (plane tickets, stay, rental car, etc.)
  • Discovery Pass (a parking pass you can purchase at the location for your car)
  • Other vendors or Rentals (Florals, Hair and Makeup, etc.)

Your Adventure Wedding in Washington - Packlist

Here’s my tried and trusted packing list. Make sure you pack everything listed for your North Cascades Adventure Wedding. If you have any questions about why I recommend these items, feel free to reach out. I also explain this more in-depth in the Couple Welcome Guide that I send your way:

  • Water + a water bottle – I recommend bringing 1-2L for your North Cascades Adventure Wedding hike, and an additional 1L for the car when we get back. If you don’t have a water bottle, I love nalgenes because they’re lightweight and durable (and you can even customize them!).
  • Snacks – I will bring your favorite snacks but don’t forget to pack a few extras for yourself to keep you fueled throughout your Adventure Wedding in Washington
  • Warm layers
  • A rain jacket
  • A beanie (aka warm hat)
  • Neutral-colored leggings or long underwear – wearing these under your wedding attire can mean so much more warmth and comfort in colder temperatures (which I’ve experienced year-round!)
  • Hiking clothes
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Headlamps – I have extras that I will bring, too!
  • Hiking poles – I have extras too, but if you have your own pair that you like feel free to bring them
  • Backpacking pack – I do have an extra pack for my couples to use so let me know if you would like to borrow it
  • Anything else you want for the day. (vow books filled with private vows, stationary, anything else special or sentimental)

Your North Cascades Adventure Wedding - Tips & Infos

  1. Some notes about Mother Nature
    • Rain, fog, clouds – anything can happen, and we’re ready for all of it. The locations I specialize intend to have micro-climates, which means that weather can change quickly and across short distances. It might be raining in one location, and sunny or slightly overcast only 10 miles away. This is why I always include backup plans for our locations, and as your Adventure Wedding in Washington approaches we can keep a close eye on the forecast. I also have specific techniques to help capture incredible photos no matter what the weather does.
  2. ​Take only photos, leave only footprints
    • I follow the Leave No Trace Seven Principles, whether I’m with my couples or out and about. I’ve already shared about Leave No Trace (LNT) in the Welcome Guide I sent you, but here are two specific reminders I share with my couples before our adventure together!
    • We’ll be trying our very best to walk on “durable surfaces” throughout your Adventure Wedding in Washington. What are durable surfaces? Things that would be minimally disturbed if we were to walk on them, for example: an established trail, rocks, or snow, depending on the time of year and elevation. Leave No Trace Principle #1 is literally “travel or camp on durable surfaces,” which is one way to minimize your footprint outdoors.
    • Respect other visitors (and animals!): We share these beautiful spaces with other recreationists. If privacy is important to you, I do all I can to help my couples who choose less traveled trails and less crowded times for their North Cascades Adventure Wedding. But we may see other visitors. We all have as much of a right to be in these spaces. Oh, it’s always good to remember that any animals we encounter are the true locals! They deserve the utmost respect (and distance!).
    • If you want to learn more about how LNT applies to outdoor weddings and elopements, check out my Guide to Planning a Leave No Trace Elopement.
  3. Much ado about traveling with a dress
    • If you’re flying, here’s how to bring your dress:
      • First, if at all possible, I recommend you carry on your dress!
      • Many (but not all) planes have coat closets. After you board, ask the flight attendants to help you hang your dress in the coat closet.
      • Alaska Airlines created this detailed blog and YouTube video that explains everything you need to know.
  4. Packing Essentials List
    • Here’s my tried and trusted packing list. Make sure you pack everything listed for your day. If you have any questions about why I recommend these items, feel free to reach out. I also explain this more in-depth in the Couple Welcome.

Here’s what I will be bringing:

  • Garmin InReach – this is a satellite device so we can send communications even if we are out of cell service (and call for emergency help if needed)
  • Clear umbrellas
  • First Aid Kit
  • Headlamps
  • Lanterns
  • Snacks
  • Bear Spray
  • Leatherman multitool

You made it to the end! If you’re still with me, give your partner a high five (or better yet, a kiss). You’re doing this and I can’t wait to be there with you every step of the way to capture your best Adventure Wedding in Washington.

Your North Cascades Adventure Wedding - Add-ons

Guests (up to 15 people) can join your Adventure Wedding in Washington at no extra charge.

The Celebratory Picnic Meal will be available for all guests and the size of the platter will be based on the guest count. They are also more than welcome to participate in the ceremony, formal group portraits, and any other hiking or adventure that the couple wishes to bring them on.

  • Large Photobook – 100, choice of cover material – 1000 USD/Per Item


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