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Your Marocco Elopement Wedding

Experience a breathtaking Marocco Elopement Wedding, the ultimate adventure Wedding & Honeymoon in Africa! Prepare for a whirlwind of romance, excitement, and unforgettable moments against the backdrop of Morocco’s most stunning landscapes.

Do you love the desert, the mountains, and the sea? How about a Surf & Yoga honeymoon or an adventure Wedding & Honeymoon in Africa that not only connects you to each other, but also to our planet? Well, here are the good news: You can have it all!

Dip your feet deep into the sand of the Moroccan Sahara at sunset between incredible dunes with an unforgettable panoramic view of the sea, after a fun salty surf in the fresh water of the Atlantic Ocean.

Connect your heart and soul with yourself, your partner, and this incredibly beautiful country. We have prepared a 6-day program for you filled with Surf, Yoga, Massage, excursions, bonfires, amazing food and much more – come to Morocco for your Elopement and Honeymoon. we all come from Africa, and you can feel that here.

  • Location: Agadir, Souss-Massa, Morocco
  • Elopement  Length: 6 days
  • Accommodation: Traditional Riad – A riad is a traditional Moroccan home with an interior garden or courtyard
  • Meeting point: We pick you up at your Riad
  • Participants: 8 guests can join your Marocco Elopement Wedding apart from the couple.
  • Child-Friendly Experience: any age is welcome, just make sure you protect your child from the sun, we can provide food serving your childs needs
  • No dogs allowed on your Marocco Elopement
  • Sightseeing: Beach, Desert, Dryland, Mountain, Oceanview
  • Marocco Elopement Activity level: Moderate – Few hours hike or walk.
  • Climate: Desert climate or arid climate: Dry, with big temperature difference between night and day. Hot & sunny days with little shade and cold nights.
  • Available: January, February, March, November, December
  • Recommended months: November-March

Meet your Marocco Elopement Wedding Photographer

Hello, I am Lena,morocco elopement photographer

A journalist, photographer, filmmaker, author, yoga- and dance teacher plus life seeker. I do what I love and I do this on my favorite continent Africa. I married myself a Moroccan in Morocco. And I am excited to plan your Wedding & Honeymoon in Africa, spend some of the most beautiful time of your life together with you.

Your Wedding & Honeymoon in Africa Itinerary

Underneath you find a sample timeline of your Marocco Elopement.

Wedding & Honeymoon in Africa  Day 1 – Arrival at your Riad (A riad is a traditional Moroccan home with an interior garden or courtyard.)

  • 5 PM local traditional Hamam Treatment including Massage
  • 8 PM Beautiful Dinner at your Riad with the choice of Fish/Chicken/Vegetarian/Vegan
  • 9-10 pm traditional Gnawa music and bonfire at the Riad

Wedding & Honeymoon in Africa Day 2: Sleep in

  • 9.30 breakfast
  • 10.30- 4.30 surf lesson/guiding, beach picnic, free surfing
  • 5 Pm Back to the Riad
  • 6 Pm Yoga with sound healing
  • 7.30 Dinner
  • 8.30 traditional live music at the Riad with bonfire

Wedding & Honeymoon in Africa  Day 3:

  • 7.30 am Morning yoga
  • 8.30 am breakfast
  • 10 am surf lesson
  • 12.30 am traditional lunch at the beach
  • 1.30 PM stop at Banana Village, visit local artists
  • 2.30 PM excursion to the local Souk in Agadir, a chance to buy traditional Moroccan wedding garments, stroll through the Souk
  • Marocco Elopement Wedding sunset photoshoot (1) by the sea, (optional with surfboard or horse)
  • 8 PM dinner at the Riad.

Wedding & Honeymoon in Africa  Day 4:

  • 7 am breakfast
  • 8 am Day Trip to Essaouira (drive approx. 2,5 hours) the city of artists, hippies, and music.
  • Fish and Chips-lunch at the Essaouira port with freshly grilled fish from the sea onto your plate. (If you are vegan, or vegetarian no problem, we will make you happy too) Stroll through the alleys, admire crafts, old fortress walls,
  • 5 PM time for styling
  • 6.30 PM sunset photoshoot (2) against the fantastic backdrop of the old town and the sea
  • 7.30 PM traditional Tagine
  • 8.30 return trip.

Wedding & Honeymoon in Africa  Day 5: Sleep in

  • 10 am breakfast
  • 11 am surf lesson/guiding, snacks at the beach, free surfing.
  • 6 Pm Yoga
  • 7.30 PM dinner at the Riad, chill,
  • 8.30 Henna Ceremony

Wedding & Honeymoon in Africa  Day 6:

  • 7.30 morning Yoga and picknick on the beach, surf lesson
  • 1 PM light lunch, free surfing
  • 4 PM Excursion to the dunes of Tamri, sandboarding opportunity
  • Sunset photoshoot (3) in the dunes, stargazing with snacks. (possible to photoshoot with a dromedary on extra
  • Cost starting from 35 Euro), (If you are planning a vow exchange, this is a now of never spot:)) we can organize a
  • DJ and snacks into the dunes for 700 Euros for 2-10 people)
  • 8.30 Back to the Riad
  • 9 PM Dinner.

Wedding & Honeymoon in Africa  Day 7: Sleep in

  • 10 am last hearty breakfast
  • 11 am check out

Possibly more surf lessons, or a trip to Paradise Valley, or from 10 people onwards additional option of a night of glamping in the mountains with guided hike and bonfire underneath the stars.

Your Wedding & Honeymoon in Africa - Comments

If the weather conditions make it dangerous to proceed with parts of your  Wedding & Honeymoon in Africa the itinerary might be adjusted.

We did not list in the itinerary, but we can sure include a symbolic elopement ceremony on your Marocco Wedding Adventure.

No possibility to get legally married at your Marocco Elopement.

LGBTQ+  friendly: All are invited to participate in the Marocco Elopement Wedding.

Marocco Elopement Package Payment and cancellation terms:

  • 15% deposit directly payable to our platform – 21-day money-back guarantee applies
  • 50%  right after the call is paid directly to your local vendor – amount will be offset against the total costs.
  • The remaining amount is to be paid in advance up to two weeks before Day 1 of your booked package.

25 percent cancellation fee up to 8 weeks before your Marocco Elopement, 45 percent up to 6 weeks before, 75 percent up to 4 weeks before, 90 percent up to two weeks before, 100 percent if canceled up to 1 day before day 1 of your complete wedding package (including booked extra nights).

If we are unable on the date you have requested, we will offer you up to two alternative dates for your Marocco Wedding Adventure. If you are unable to attend the alternative dates, we will refund your money.

Marocco Honeymoon Package About additional programs:

We have a lot of additional programs listed as add-ons for your Wedding & Honeymoon in Africa and we are generally happy to tailor make the program to your heart’s desire:

  • Camping trip to the mountains, hike with guide, traditional food, sleep, breakfast, transportation 130 USD per person from 10 to max. 14 people
  • Alternative guided day or half day hike in Paradise Valley or surroundings Riad price on demand depending on where you want to hike and how many people, overnight or not,…
  • Additional surf lesson, approx. 3.5 hours program – 60 USD per person including transport to and from the Riad, wetsuit, surfboard, drinking water and sun protection, plus the option of free surfing afterward.
  • Essouira overnight stay – from on demand. Prices depend on if you want a beautiful hotel room or a whole house in the mountains with pool. As well as the amount of people you are planning to come with. We are happy to organize anything you want for your Wedding & Honeymoon in Africa.
  • Essaouira is a great chance for horse lovers to ride a beautiful Berber-Arabic horse along stunning beaches. Price from 60 Euros per hour per Person and horse. You can also include a horse in your Marocco Elopement photoshoot .

Your Marocco Elopement Package includes

  • All transport fees during your Honeymoon Package in Marocco
  • All activities listed as included in the package
  • Guiding from meeting point and participating on activities
  • 3 exclusive photo sessions for your Marocco Wedding Adventure (sunrise beach/mountains, sunset dunes– min. 300 edited high-res photos delivered within 5 weeks after your adventure wedding
  • Bonfire and live Music on your Wedding & Honeymoon in Africa
  • Hamam and Massage (choice of relax, tonic, back-focused massages)
  • Food and snacks, drinks during the meals

Your Marocco Elopement Package does not include

  • Your flight
  • Marocco Elopement Travel insurance
  • Extra activities, and add ons described further up
  • Transport, food, accommodation, activities for  your extra guests
  • Alcohol during your Marocco Wedding Adventure

Marocco Destination Wedding Accommodation price is  not included but we help you choose one of these:

Traditional cosy and clean Moroccan Riad (old style family housing that got turned into a hotel/guesthouse. With the best food in the whole area and a pool to cool down. In the middle of a quiet Berber village, in the mountains, with ocean view from the terrace.

About food options:

Marocco Elopement Dinner at the Riad: Your fish/chicken/meat/vegetarian/vegan choice. Big 3 course meal, hyper yummy, fresh and healthy, mix of tradtional cooking style and the art of the cook 6 breakfasts , yummy healthy, fresh, full of traditonal homemade pancakes, bread, nuts, almonds, sweets, fruit and veggies as well as the most amazing breakfast invention in the world – Amlou (Moroccan almonds butter with honey and arganoil) 4 day snacks at lunch time, one day fish barbeque (we find ways for everyone that doesn’t like fish)

Your Marocco Elopement - Packlist

Bring your Marocco Elopement Wedding rings and hand-written vows if you want to go for it:)) – we take care of the rest.

Morocco is a country of paradox towards alcohol. If you want to have alcohol during Marocco Elopement your taxi driver from the airport can make a stopover at one of the big supermarkets and you can stock up here. We can cool it for you but can offer it to you.

Your Marocco Elopement Wedding - Tips & Infos

We provide your airport pickup and drop-off, along with transportation throughout your Marocco Honeymoon. As locals, we can also organize a full trip for your Marocco Destination Wedding upon request. Morocco is a welcoming country eager to meet you. The primary spoken languages are French and Moroccan-Arabic, with some English speakers, especially in our region.

For your comfort, bring sunscreen or zinc for surfing and hiking, a hat, sturdy walking shoes, flip-flops, swimwear, and attire covering your elbows and knees for visiting traditional markets or local Berber villages. Depending on the season, mornings and evenings can be cool (around 16-18°C in winter) or mild (around 20-22°C in autumn or spring).

Please inform us in advance regarding your meal preferences – whether fish, meat, vegetarian, or vegan – or if you have any food intolerances for your Marocco Elopement.

Your Marocco Elopement Package - Addons

Max 8 guests can join this Honeymoon Package in Marocco. Guest can join your Marocco Wedding Adventure on the prices below.


  • In general 2 extra people fit into the car and can come along without additional transportation costs. For bigger groups we can rent a bigger car.
  • The Riad can host 10 people in total, plus up to 10 people in a neighboring guesthouse. Foods can be taken together at the Riad. The Riad pool is open to all guests.
  • Accommodation Scouting Service 150 USD – We can organise your hotels, riads, hostels in any city and any price category
  • Travel Organizing Service 400 USD-  If you want me to plan your extended Marocco Elopement trip, I will be happy to do that
  • Marocco Wedding Adventure Musician 300 USD is the starting price. Depending if a single  musician or a band. We can provide anything from Jazz to traditional Gnawa, Singer Songwriter
  • Bridal Hair & Make-up 480 USD  at the Riad
  • Guest Hair & Make-up 350 USD/Per Person   at the Riad
  • Bridal Flower Bouquet – Natural flower bouquet 300 USD/Per Piece
  • Marocco Elopement Picnic Lunch 50 USD/Per Person   at the beach or during the hike
  • Marocco Elopement Videography 450 USD deliver a 2-4 minute video feature trailer showcasing your Destination Wedding in Marocco within 5 weeks of the event
  • Marocco Elopement Additional Photography 200 USD/Per Hour we can shoot in the mountains, with a traditonal arabic horse, dromedary, while surfing or do an extra sexy bride shooting
  • Large Photobook 30X30CM Marocco Elopement album (30 PAGES/15 SPREADS)- 450 USD/Per Item
  • Small Photobook  20X20CM parent album (30 PAGES/15 SPREADS) – 320 USD/Per Item
  • One extra night for the couple 300 USD/Per Night   included breakfast and dinner in the beautiful charming Riad
  • One extra night for the guest 245 USD/Per Night Per Guest – The room can fit two people or be used as a single room. The price is the same. This price includes breakfast and dinner for one person. If a second person sleeps in the room and wants to add breakfast and dinner, its another 55 USD on to, so 300 USD.
  • Surf lesson for your guests 45 USD/person including all materials, transportation, lesson, surf guiding, free surfing (around 3-4 hours, max group of 5)
  • Marocco Elopement Yoga Class – Group price 1-5 people, any extra person 5 USD – 40 USD/group
  • Sand-boarding – For your guests including transport, two boards, and water (1-8 people) -300 USD/group
  • Guided Hike without overnight – Half a day, maximum group size is 8 – 120 USD/Group
  • Dromedary ride 40USD/person/hour
  • Horse ride 40USD/person/hour
  • Cooking class/golf course/e-bike rent/surfskate on request


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