Lake Como Elopement Package | Italy Vow Renewal

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Your Lake Como Elopement | Italy Vow Renewal

Looking for a Lake Como Elopement Package or for an Italy Vow Renewal?

Feel the magic of Como Lake and find yourself in its beautiful and kaleidoscopic glimpses for your ceremony. You will dive into the charm of the most luxuriant garden overlooking the Lake, in Bellagio. Secret corners and gems will inspire unique photos. Harmony, colors, landscapes, backgrounds will be your enchanting “Italian dream come true”. Have a Lake Como Elopement or Vow Renewal and taste the beauty of an unreleased Italy’s pearl with a touch of unforgettable timeless magic.

  • Elopement/Vow Renewal location: Bellagio, Como, Italy
  • Elopement/Vow Renewal length: 4 hours
  • Meeting point: At the entrance of Lido Bellagio
  • Participants: 2 guests can join apart from the couple
  • Children are welcome, just should be respectful of the nature and the Villa
  • Dogs can come, on leash
  • Experience: Exploring the lido, vow exchange, 4 photo sessions at different locations
  • Sightseeing: Lago di Como, Bellagio, Loppia village
  • Climate: Continental climate: Distinct four seasons with cold winters (snow and ice possible for a short period), hot summer. Spring and autumn has mild and changeable weather.
  • Available: April, May, June, July, September, October
  • Activity level: Light – Suitable for anyone. 
  • Who should avoid partaking on your Lake Como Elopement or Vow Renewal? People with allergy to flowers (please list which ones so that we can check)

Meet your Lake Como Elopement Planner & Photographer

lake como elopement - vow renewal plannerChiara – your Lake Como elopement wedding planner

My name is Chiara and I am a Lake Como elopement wedding designer & coordinator. I was born in Como and I live here since … ever! I have a true passion for my land, which is Italy, one of the most timeless and stunning place to build up events and tell stories in a unique way.

Growing up, for love and work reasons I’ve started spending my life between my lake, my sea (in the center of Italy) and Milan! 

I’m a sensation seeker: I always look for something special, new, authentic. I’m a storyteller: I like telling stories using poetry. I’m an oil on canvas freestyler: I can’t avoid painting the beauty I see all around me. But first of all: I’M IN LOVE WITH LOVE. 

And that’s why I created this Lake Como Elopement Package for you: to combine the passion for creativity, for love, and for my Country. 

Can’t wait to spread your love, move souls and see your true smiles! The best part of my job since ever..


Ivan – your Lake Como elopement photographer

Polyhedric photographer since 25 years, based in Como. 

In his opinion, through wedding pictures you can naturally combine technique, creativity and feelings. He likes telling stories and catching real emotions through photography. His purpose is to catch spontaneous and realistic shots. He likes reportage style and is absolutely against fake poses. He seeks for genuinity. He takes his inspiration from journalism and arts. 

He travels a lot and makes portraits all around the world. He organizes photography course private, in class and online.


The timeline of your Lake Como elopement/ vow renewal in Italy will be adjusted according to the period in which you’d like to have your ceremony. We know which is the best time to get the light in and outside the location, and the sun is always our master, it guides our timing.

15:45: meeting your Lake Como elopement coordinator at the meeting point

16:00: reaching the location by foot together (just few meters)

16:15: entrance together with the coordinator and your Lake Como elopement photographer

16:30: 1st session of photos: delivery of your handwritten “letters in the bottle coming from the past” (done by an artist) and symbolic vow exchange. Toast together!

16:45: 2nd session of photos, while you will be exploring the whole location and all its secret glimpses guided by the artistic eye of the photographer

17:45: moving to the little village of Loppia by foot

18:00: 3rd session of photoshoot: walking throughout Loppia, a very little ancient hamlet full of charm and timeless beauty, where you can pose with the characteristic Lucie, historical fishing boats.

18:20: 4th session of photoshoot (the fastest): the true Bellagio little scenic alleyway will be your scenario for the last session

18:30: time to say goodbye!

Your Lake Como Elopement - Comments

There is the possibility to reschedule your Lake Como elopement/ vow renewal by +-2 days under the condition that team is available.

 LGBTQ-friendly elopement. LGBTQIA-owned business.

Your Lake Como elopement package includes

  • coordination of your whole Lake Como elopement/ vow renewal (coordinator based in Como)
  • 1 professional English speaking referent at your full disposal before, during and after the event
  • timeline program adaptations based on needs (logistics, weather)
  • Villa’s garden entry tickets
  • up to 4 hours of photographic coverage during your Lake Como elopement/ vow renewal
  • up to 4 photoshoot locations (2 inside the venue, 1 in the village, 1 along the scenic Bellagio alleyway)
  • 250 photos delivered within 6 weeks of your Lake Como elopement/ vow renewal
  • printing rights on all delivered photos
  • 2 bottles of Italian Prosecco for the toast 
  • handwritten letters in a handcrafted special format so that you can keep them

Your Lake Como Elopement Package doesn't include

Travel from the accommodation to the meeting point for your Lake Como Elopement and back

You Lake Como Elopement - What to bring?

  • Wedding or Vow Renewal outfit (or what you prefer to wear for your photos, as there is no possibility to change outfits).
  • We will walk inside the location and through the village. It will be a very easy and pleasant walking. The walking distances between meeting point – location – village is not that far (max 15-20 min each), but if you are not confident with heels, we suggest bringing comfortable footwear with you, just in case you need to change it during these strolls.
  • During summer the sun is luckily shining, but if you have a very sensible or light skin, please consider putting on high sun protection
  • Bringing water is always a good idea, you always need it.
  • Bring a scarf with you as well, it rarely happens but if the weather becomes cloudy during your Lake Como elopement or vow renewal, maybe a little wind could come from the lake.
  • Always bring 2 umbrellas with you, better if they are transparent (for photo reasons).
  • Bring a handkerchief as well … your Lake Como elopement or vow renewal could get  emotional!

Your Lake Como Elopement - Tipps & Infos

Wherever your accommodation will be, we suggest not to rent a car for your Lake Como elopement or vow renewal specifically.

It’s better if you book a taxi or even a taxi boat, if you prefer to come from the lake, and you don’t get seasick.

All the hotels and BnBs are used to support guests very easily in this sense, as they perfectly know the easiest way to reach all the lakepoints with no stress. 

We don’t recommend public transport at all.

In Bellagio you will move by walking, it’s the best way to explore it! Please bring comfy shoes, even if you are used to wearing heels (in case you are woman/women). You never know, and Bellagio is beautiful because of its cobblestones too!


  • Guests (up until 2 persons) are free to join your Lake Como elopement or vow renewal, their entrance tickets are included
  • Accommodation Scouting Service – 200 USD
  • Bridal Hair & Make-up – at accommodation – 500 USD
  • Guest Hair & Make-up – at accommodation – 250 USD
  • Bridal Flower Bouquet – beautiful blooming bouquet made according to your own taste. It can be made by flowers, or even other solutions are available (fruits, woods, silk ribbons …) – 300 USD
  • Small Flower Bouquet – beautiful bouquet with seasons flowers and greens – 150 USD
  • Boutonniere – 50 USD
  • Celebrant – symbolic celebrant, features to be agreed with the couple – 300 USD
  • Flower crown – fresh flowers, colors to be accorded basing on taste and season – 70 USD
  • One night accommodation for the couple – double room, typical hotel with bed & breakfast included, comfortably close to the location – 300 USD
  • Private luxury & authentic taxi boat ride on Lake Como – 600 USD
  • Special Lake Tasting Dinner – 150 USD/person