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Description of your Kauai Elopement Package - Hawaii

Looking for an Elopement in Hawaii? Check out our Kauai Elopement Package – the perfect combination of epic scenery and epic moments…

Getting married in Hawaii is all about the experience.

The feel of the sand under your toes, the sound of the conch shell announcing you marriage and the sea flowing onto the shore.

The riot of colors all around you – pastel colored sunrises and sunsets, turquoise seas, black lava cliffs, emerald green mountains, tropical fruits and flowers dripping from the trees.

The smell of the plumeria adorning your hair and palm trees swaying in the salty air.

The serenade of an ukulele and the taste of fresh coconut water and the connection you feel when you grace your love’s neck with a lei.

Your intimate, unrushed, carefree Kauai Elopement with all the aloha…

  • Elopement location: Kaua’i, Hawai’i, United States
  • Elopement length: 4 hours
  • Meeting point: We will meet at a gorgeous location of your choice
  • Participants: 20 guests can join your Kauai Elopement apart from the couple
  • Experience: Sunrise photoshoot, Kauai Elopement ceremony, exploring other locations
  • Sightseeing: Kaua’i, Hawai’i,
  • Climate: Tropical climate: Mild and hot temperatures all year round with little oscillation. Generally humid, abundant rain. Sometimes with dry and wet (monsoon) season. Intense sunlight.
  • Available: All year round
  • Activity level: Light – suitable for anyone.

Your Kauai Elopement Photographer in Hawaii

kauai elopement photographer hawaiiAlooooooha :)!

I’m Sandy and I am already dreaming of the epic art I’ll create for your epic Kauai Elopement day!

I do things differently than a lot of Kauai Elopement Photographers – My images are super bold and colorful and full of the epic scenery – no blown out skies here, I am all about that fairytale to hang on your wall look.

I only photograph elopements here on Kaua’i – so I know the island and the vendors in a truly intimate, every day, every season and every kind of light and weather way.

Respecting the land and the culture and protecting the island is top priority for me so I’m not trespassing and ignoring permit rules to get the shot. You can rest assured your Kauai Elopement day will be scenic and also honor the sacredness of this special island.

I photograph real people, not models, so I’m here to direct you every step of the way to make this easy for you and make you look and feel your best.

I believe in showing off the crazy amazing color and scenery of this epic island, doing things the right way, supporting local and guiding you each step of the way through this process.

This means you can rest easy knowing your Kauai Elopement day is going to be not only gorgeous, but easy and carefree… and that you won’t have to try to figure out the complicated regulations, restrictions and permitting process or know how to pose for the best pictures – as experienced Kauai Elopement Photographer I got you!

Kiss the stress goodbye!

My wedding day on Kaua’i was the best day of my life and I want that feeling for you as well!

Your Kauai Elopement Itinerary

Your Kauai Elopement day can be an unique as your love story and we will craft a timeline and details that fot YOUR vision of the perfect day πŸ™‚ everything is adjustable!

Here are some examples of how your epicΒ  day could look:

6:30am we meet in the pre-dawn light to get into position for your intimate first look (don’t worry, the time change is working in your favor!)

6:45am as the sun peeks over the ocean and begins to light up your world you’ll see each other for the first time and get to stay in this intimate moment as long as you like

7am under all that dreamy pastel sunrise sky goodness we get to explore the most gorgeous beach you’ve ever seen and create couples portraits to last a lifetime

8am the conch shell blows to start your Hawaiian wedding ceremony. They are so much more intimate and deep and meaningful than you can possibly imagine

8:30am you are officially married! Now is the perfect time to go explore another location, enjoy a beach picnic, or run straight into that warm turquoise water for some dreamy in the water shots.

10:30am the rest of your Kauai Elopement day is now yours to enjoy in wedded bliss any way you like. My couples often explore the famous Na Pali coast by catamaran, board a helicopter for a once in a lifetime view of the island, attend a luau or just get their beach vibes on. The possibilities are endless!

Not feeling the dreamy pastels skies and empty beach feeling that comes with a sunrise wedding?

No worries! I have some amazing options for afternoon ceremonies for your Kauai Elopement followed by an adventure along the most gorgeous rugged cliffline ever for epic sunset photos and then off to a romantic wedding night dinner nearby.

Comments about your Kauai Elopement Package

If the weather conditions make it dangerous to proceed with parts of your Kauai Elopement, the itinerary might be adjusted

This Kauai Elopement Package is LBQT friendly –Β  All couples are welcome here πŸ™‚

Your Kauai Elopement Package - What is included

  • in depth location guide to help you choose the spots that match your specific vision of paradise for your Kauai Elopement
  • referrals for the beat officiants, stylists and florists to complete your dream team
  • all required permits for your Kauai Elopement
  • up to 4 hour of photographic documentation of your Kauai Elopement (first look, wedding ceremony, wedding portraits and potentially activities)
  • min. 200 beautifully edited high-res photos photos delivered within 8 weeks after your Kauai Elopement in Hawaii. Sneak peeks delivered within 72 hours.

Your Kauai Elopement - What is not included

  • Officiant, florist for your Kauai Elopement
  • travel to and from the island
  • lodging during your Kauai Elopement
  • travel to and from your lodging to the meeting point
  • site fees for private land locations (if you choose a private land venue there will be additional fees

What to bring to your Kauai Elopement

  • Rings
  • Personal keepsakes, letters, gifts and vows if you are including these in your Kauai Elopement ceremony
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Shoes you can walk in (often sandals are good to go unless we are hiking on your Kauai Elopement day)

How to prepare for your Kauai Elopement

Please note that Kauai is very much on island time and be ready to go with the flow on your Kauai Elopement day πŸ™‚

The top speed limit is 50mph and we usually cannot go that fast. It’s a great opportunity to slow down and enjoy the views but plan ahead and add some time to your drive time to be on location on time so we don’t miss the sunrise or sunset for your Kauai Elopement πŸ™‚

It’s warm and humid here year round so staying hydrated is important. Bring extra water, especially if it’s summer or you plan to hike on your day.

The good vendors and some of the tours and activities can book out in advance so make reservations as early as you can for your Kauai Elopement.

If you’d like to end your Kauai Elopement Photo session with some epic in the water shots be sure to bring a change of clothes and towels.

Optional Add-ons to your Kauai Elopement Package

Up to 20 guests are welcome to join your Kauai Elopement ceremony and photo session!

And activities you decide to add to your Kauai Elopement Package will incur extra costs for your guests and they will be responsible for their own transportation.


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