Elope to the Dolomites – Intimate No-Hike Wedding at Lago di Braies | Italy

Elope to the Dolomites - Your Wedding at Lago di Braies

Elope to the Dolomites and celebrate a romantic Wedding at Lago di Braies. Imagine saying your vows surrounded only by a glacial lake, pine trees, towering mountains, and the love of your life. If you’re up for a little adventure that includes epic views, a cozy cabin, and an adventure of a lifetime, let’s talk!

When you elope to the Dolomites with me, we will enjoy the best of what these beautiful mountains have to offer without you having to hike too much during your 1.5 day Wedding at Lago di Braies. This is a really very easy experience which can be done by anyone. We can drive up to most places and/or take gondolas.

  • Location: Villabassa, South Tyrol, Italy
  • Experience Length: 1.5 days
  • Participants: no guests can join apart from the couple.
  • No children allowed
  • Dog-Friendly Experience: dog should be able to swim just in case
  • Sightseeing: Lago di Braies, beautiful chain of the Dolomites, Villabassa village – driving and gondola ride
  • Activity level: Light – Suitable for anyone. The hike up is by car or gondola
  • Climate: Alpine or mountain climate: Usually four seasons, with cold winters and mild summers.
  • Available: All Year Round
  • Recommended months: January, May, June, September, October

Meet your Dolomites Elopement Photographer in Italy

Elopement wedding photographer in the DolomitesHello,

My name is Shawna (she/her) and I am a Dolomites elopement photographer in Italy. I’m originally from Vancouver, Canada, and that will always be my true home. I have been travelling all across this great, big world, which started as a solo trip, but in 2015 I picked up this crazy Belgian guy along the way and just couldn’t get rid of him ever since. Turned out I had met the love of my life, and he’s put a ring on my finger, so I now live in Europe.

The serious bits: A graduate from photography school, I’ve been shooting professionally since 2013. My specialties are elopements, weddings, honeymoons… anything to do with love – including classy boudoir!

A few things about me: as an outdoorsy person, I love being in nature. I find happiness when I’m surrounded by mountains, trees, and lakes. My favourite drink is green tea. My favourite food is lasagna. I am vegan and try to eat whole foods plant-based because I am against animal cruelty, for the planet, and want to know I did my best to live a healthy life. I’m a huge environment geek and try to lower my footprint whenever I can (#zerowaste #takethetrain). Some of my favourite things to do are yoga, rock climbing, hiking, and camping in the wilderness with a cozy fire to curl up by.

I’m looking for couples who are FEARLESS and ready to show their vulnerable side. Ones who are not afraid to let the wind blow through their hair and are ready to EMBRACE the mess. I need you to be an expert at looking deeply in your partner’s eyes and letting your knees get a little weak. A couple who wants to nuzzle their faces together while remembering the moment when one of you popped the question, and the other one answered HECK YEAH. Show me some RAW AF kisses like you haven’t seen each other in years! Let me join in on the most adventurous day of your life (the adventure of love is not to be taken lightly) and let’s make people’s jaws drop with your photos.

Elope to the Dolomites - Itinerary of your Wedding at Lago di Braies

Elope to the Dolomites – Sample Itinerary
Underneath you find an example timeline for your Wedding at Lago die Braies:

Day 1 (choose whatever outfit(s) you wish to wear- casual, dressy, wedding, up to you):
11am- Getting ready photos for the day/the two of you around your cute cabin/mountain hut
12:30pm- Lunch (a cute Italian pizzaria, perhaps?)
2pm- Viewpoint at a lake where you can swim if it’s hot
3pm- Espresso and/or gelato
4pm- Vow writing for your Lago di Braies Wedding
5pm- Getting ready photos with an outfit change
6pm- Candlelit picnic dinner (depending on weather, with a super cozy blanket and/or campfire)
8pm- Sunset photos
10pm Stargazing photos
11pm- Wrap for the night

Day 2 (in wedding attire):
4am- Wakeup
4:30am- Hair and makeup starts
6:15am- We’ve made it to Lago di Braies and are walking to the boat launch
6:30am- Photos commence for 2 hours are boathouse, including time for vows
8:30am- Breakfast
9:30am- We walk around the lake for more photo opportunities
11:30am- It’s a wrap! You successfully eloped to the Dolomites!

Elope to the Dolomites - Comments about your wedding at Lago di Braies

If the weather conditions make it dangerous to proceed with parts of your wedding at Lago di Braies the itinerary might be adjusted.
There are so many different possibilities for creating an itinerary when you elope to the Dolomites. We could go for a proper hike at Lago di Braies, we could skip the stargazing and do sunset at a super epic location that’s less than an hour away, we could go ice skating somewhere if it’s winter…just ask how I can customize your Wedding at Lago di Braies to what you want to do, and I will see what magic we can make happen.

Accommodation can be in a mountain hut or also down in the village. We can discuss the pros and cons of these options.

Comment on LGBQT
I am open to all kinds of relationships, and I have never seen any issues with people being discriminated against.

There is a possibility to get legally married.
It is possible, though I don’t recommend it because the paperwork is a huge hassle. I also do not organize it, perhaps an elopement/wedding planner could help you with it.

Payment terms
15% directly payable as a deposit to our platform. Rest of payment goes directly to vendor.
25% – 3 months before the shoot date, is required to keep your booking.
The rest of the payment is due on your wedding date.

Your Wedding at Lago di Braies includes

  • Itinerary planning
  • Location scouting
  • Personalized packing list
  • Minimum 800 hi-res images, all fully edited
  • All travel fees
  • Online gallery for 6 months
  • Album design, should you wish to purchase an album
  • Sunrise and sunset photo shoots
  • 16 hours of coverage, plus extra time spent in transport, getting ready, etc

Meals Details: We will have breaks for meals during your Wedding at Lago di Braies, we will find places we agree on to stop and take a rest/shop for picnic food.

Your Wedding at Lago di Braies does not include

  • Meals during your Wedding at Lago di Braies
  • Travel insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Gondola ride in case we take the gondola up

Elope to the Dolomites - What to bring?

Most of this is very dependent on your personal experience, but it’s always a good idea to bring your rings, booklets to write your vows in (or some sort of paper), and shoes for walking/hiking when you elope to the Dolomites. Good layers for the changing weather during your Wedding at Lago di Braies is also recommended.

Elope to the Dolomites - Tips & Info for your Wedding at Lago di Braies

Prepare for all weather on your Wedding at Lago di Braies. You never know what it will be on the day you elope to the Dolomites – the mountains are unpredictable. It can get to over 40 degrees C in summer and some areas even -20 degrees C. Thunderstorms are common. With the changing climate especially, you just can’t predict.

I can help you make a great list to prepare for the season you are coming in, and suggest ethical places to buy new gear from if you need it.

Elope to the Dolomites - Add-ons for your Lago di Braies Wedding Package

Large Photobook – 10 spreads, 30x26cm landscape, varnished wood and linen covers. Name engraving included. Shipping included. Customs/import taxes NOT included. – 800 USD/Per Item


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