Castle Wedding Elopement in Germany

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Your Castle Wedding Elopement in Germany

Dreaming of a castle wedding? How about celebrating a castle wedding elopement in Germany?

Brides should feel like a princess on their wedding day, so what better way to elope to Germany and in a real castle which seems to have popped out of a fairy tale.  Lichtenstein Castle is a romantic castle built by Count Wilhelm to pay homage to medieval times. Locals often refer to it as the “fairy-tale castle of Württemberg” or  Neuschwansteins Little Brother, which references its similar appearance to the most famous castle in all of Germany…the one that inspired Disney’s Cinderella castle!

Celebrate your castle wedding elopement in Germany at an impressive location: perched on an 800 meters-high cliff just on the edge of the Swabian Alps, Liechtenstein Castle offers magnificent views of the surrounding landscape and the valley of the Echaz river. During the spring and summer, the surrounding landscape is green and lush. However, many of the visitors feel that Lichtenstein Castle is at its best in autumn when the surrounding hills and valleys, all filled with trees, turns a beautiful orange and yellow as the leaves begin to change.

  • Elopement location: Schloss Lichtenstein, Baden Württemberg, Germany
  • Elopement length: 4 hours
  • Meeting point: Your hotel
  • Participants: 20 guests can join apart from the couple
  • Children and dogs are welcome
  • Experience: Hike, Ceremony, photoshoot, cake & champagne
  • Sightseeing: Schloss Lichtenstein
  • Climate: Alpine or mountain climate: Usually four seasons, with cold winters and mild summers.
  • Available: All year round
  • Activity level: Light – Suitable for anyone.

Meet your elopement photographer in Germany

germany elopement photographerHello, I am Koko.

I love the light. The authentic moments. Sometimes a dance in the wind. Sometimes a meaningful look that hits right in the heart. I love the movement and everything that surrounds it. My life is as colorful as I am. I was born in the former Yugoslavia. Sarajevo. On my journey of life I met different personalities and people. And people are also the ones who brought me to photography. As a photographer you have the world in front of your lens – I traveled to unique locations with unique couples – have been to Spain, Italy, the Arab Emirates and have shot in the Maldives and the Seychelles.
If I had to describe my style, it would be a mix of editorial and motion. In the movement and the authentic and unposed moments lies the true language of photography, as I see it.
Ready for a Castle Wedding Elopement in Germany with me?

Your Castle Wedding Elopement in Germany - Itinerary

We will create a custom timeline for your castle wedding in elopement in Germany based upon your wishes. Underneath, you find a sample itinerary for your elopement in Germany to show how your castle wedding could look like. Please have in mind that depending on the season, the start time can be earlier or later than the timeline because of the sunset.

Example with Getting Ready at the hotel:

12:00 Meeting at your Hotel or Airbnb (should be close to the Lichtenstein Castle )  for getting ready images of your preparation, photographing all the details like your outfits, rings, shoes, vows etc.. 

13:30 driving to the castle.

14:00 Meeting at the castle for your Elopement in Germany, start of photographic coverage at the Park of Castle Lichtenstein

14:30 Castle Wedding “Ceremony” – you can here say your prepared vows and maybe open a bottle of Champagne and toast in the name of your love. (Balloons, candles or doves are not allowed in the area of the castle)

14:45 Photo shooting in front of the castle and area

15:30  Photo shooting at the road in front of the the woods.

16:00 End of photo coverage of your castle wedding elopement in Germany


Castle Wedding Elopement in Germany - Comments

Your Castle Wedding Elopement in Germany is carried out under all weather conditions, even if it rains

If the weather conditions make it dangerous to proceed with parts of your castle wedding, the itinerary of your elopement in Germany might be adjusted.

There is possibility to reschedule your castle wedding by +-2 days under the condition if everyone is available for the new date of your elopement in Germany.

LGBTQ Couples are more than welcome.

How to get to your castle wedding in Germany?
The closest Airport is STR (Stuttgart). It’s best to rent a car or driver service to be able to move around relaxed and with flexibility.


Your Castle Wedding Elopement in Germany includes

  • Guiding from meeting point and participating on activities of your elopement in Germany
  • Entrance fees
  • Complete photographic documentation of your whole elopement in Germany with 2 exclusive photo sessions (castle wedding ceremony, wedding portraits) – min. 300 edited high-res photos

Your Castle Wedding Elopement in Germany does not include

  • Accommodation for your elopement in Germany
  • Insurance
  • Food during your castle wedding (can be purchased in the restaurant close by) 

Your Castle Wedding in Germany - Packlist

  • Outfits for your elopement in Germany
  • Vows for your castle wedding ceremony
  • Shoes (2 pairs)
  • Rings
  • at least 3 of your favorite songs

From October-April, it is recommended to bring adequate, warm clothes.

Your Castle Elopement in Germany - Addons

Guests (up until 4 persons) can join your castle elopement in Germany at no extra charge, but they should rent a car or go by Taxi and have to pay their own entry to the castle.

  • Bridal Hair & Make-up – 500 USD
  • Bridal Flower Bouquet – 200 USD
  • Small Flower Bouquet – 150 USD
  • Videography – 2000 USD
  • Flower Crown – 100 USD
  • Large Photobook – 1300 USD
  • Small Photobook – 800 USD


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