Bohemian Wedding in the Black Forest – Elope to Germany

Your Bohemian Wedding in the Black Forest

Elope to Germany and discover the magic of the Black Forest Wedding, an idyllic paradise that offers the perfect backdrop for your getaway. Here, where time appears to stand still and nature shines in its most splendid colors, you can make the dream of an intimate Bohemian Wedding come true. Germany’s Black Forest, known for its breathtaking landscapes and deeply rooted traditions, invites you to celebrate the start of your life together in a setting of unparalleled beauty and tranquility.

But why elope to Germany? Because every moment here, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, becomes an unforgettable experience. The Black Forest offers not just picturesque forests and clear lakes as a backdrop but also top-tier service providers who make your ceremony a tailor-made, intimate celebration. From the artful photography capturing every glance and smile for eternity, to exquisite culinary delights and stylish decorations – here, your Bohemian Wedding Package is planned and executed with attention to detail.

Be enchanted by the romantic Feldsee, where the nervousness of getting ready becomes part of the magic in the fairy-tale surroundings. Enjoy an intimate dinner under the starry sky, surrounded by the gentle tones of autumn and the warm light effects that cast your love in the most beautiful light. The carefully selected, tasteful details and the handmade jewelry pieces highlight the uniqueness of this Bohemian Wedding day.

The Black Forest, with its pristine nature and the tranquility that only the deep green of the forests can offer, awaits to become part of your love story. Experience how your vows gain a whole new meaning in this dreamlike setting. It’s more than just a place; it’s an experience – full of intimacy, romance, and a dash of adventure.

Opt for a Bohemian Wedding in the Black Forest if you’re looking for an extraordinary way to celebrate your love. It’s your chance to escape the mundane and create a deeply personal celebration of love in one of the most beautiful spots in Germany. The Black Forest awaits you – for the beginning of a new chapter, written between the lines of nature and true love.

  • Location: Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
  • Wedding Length: 6h
  • Meeting point: Feldberg
  • Participants: 4 guests can join apart from the couple.
  • Child-Friendly Experience
  • Dog-Friendly Experience
  • Activity level: Light – Suitable for anyone.
  • Climate: Alpine or mountain climate: Usually four seasons, with cold winters and mild summers.
  • Available: All Year Round
  • Recommended months if you elope to Germany: March-October

Meet your Bohemian Wedding Photographer

Germany Elopement PhotographerHello, I am Koko.

I love the light. The authentic moments. Sometimes a dance in the wind. Sometimes a meaningful look that hits right in the heart. I love the movement and everything that surrounds it. My life is as colorful as I am. I was born in the former Yugoslavia. Sarajevo. On my journey of life, I met different personalities and people. And people are also the ones who brought me to photography. As a photographer you have the world in front of your lens – I traveled to unique locations with unique couples – have been to Spain, Italy, and the Arab Emirates, and have shot in the Maldives and the Seychelles.

If I had to describe my style, it would be a mix of editorial and motion. In the movement and the authentic and unposed moments lies the true language of photography, as I see it.

Elope to Germany for your Black Forest wedding with me.

Elope to Germany - Itinerary

Elope to Germany and begin an unforgettable journey with us.

12:00 Meeting at the hotel
12:30 Your getting ready, hair and make-up (optionally)
14:30 First look
15:00 Bridal shoot/groom shoot
15:30 Exchanging your Bohemian Wedding vows
16:00 Cake & Champagne (optionally)
15:30 Couple shooting at the small lake and walking through woods
16:00 A couple shooting at the fields
16:30 Pic-nic (optionally)
17:30 Sunset shooting
18:00 Dinner (optionally)

End of the photo coverage of your Bohemian Wedding package.

Your Bohemian Wedding - Comments

Even if rain clouds loom, our Bohemian Wedding Package ensures your special day goes on seamlessly, come rain or shine.

We are LGBTQ-friendly

There’s a possibility to get legally married if you elope to Germany.

We can organize everything, including obtaining all necessary documents and scheduling appointments. For this service, you can add an organization fee of $990 USD for legal marriages in Germany.

Payment Plan & Terms

  • A 15% deposit is payable directly through the platform to secure your date.  Adventure Wedding Platform’s 21-day money-back guarantee applies.
  • 50% (amount can vary on the amount and kinds of add-ons) is payable directly to your local vendor after the first video call
  • The rest is due one week before your date – payable diretly to your local vendor

Your Bohemian Wedding Package includes

Elope to Germany and enjoy an intimate Bohemian Wedding  surrounded by the captivating beauty of German landscapes.

  • Guiding from meeting point and participating on activities
  • Entrance fees
  • Complete photographic documentation of the whole trip with 2 exclusive photo sessions (wedding ceremony, wedding portraits) – min. 300 edited high-res photos
  • Meals Details: Can be added separately or purchased at the restaurants

Your Bohemian Wedding Package does not include

When you elope to Germany, here are the exclusions:

  • Accommodation for your elopement in Germany (can be booked separately)
  • Insurance
  • Food during your castle Bohemian Wedding (can be purchased in the restaurant close by)

Your Black Forest Wedding - Packlist

Here’s the ideal packing list if you decide to elope to Germany.

  • Outfits
  • Vows for your Bohemian Wedding ceremony
  • Shoes (2 pairs)
  • Rings
  • At least 3 of your favorite songs
  • From October to April, it is recommended to bring adequate, warm clothes

Elope to Germany - Tips & Infos

The closest Airport is FKB (Airport Baden-Baden) or STR (Stuttgart). 1-2 hours of driving to Black Forest. It’s best to rent a car or driver service to be able to move around relaxed and with flexibility.

Your Black Forest Wedding - Add-ons

Guests (up to 4 persons) can join Bohemian Wedding at no extra charge.

Please note that if you want to book many add-ons, I cannot do everything myself and you need to add the planner to the package. You can book the following add-ons with the base package:

  • Bridal Hair & Make-up – Location – 690 USD
  • Bridal Flower Bouquet – Seasonal flowers – 200 USD/Per Piece
  • Small Flower BouquetSeasonal Flowers – 150 USD/Per Piece
  • Boutonniere – Seasonal flower – 50 USD/Per Piece
  • Flower Crown – Seasonal flowers- 100 USD/Per Piece
  • Small Naked Cake – 200 USD
  • Bottle of Local Champagne – 110 USD
  • Videography – 2000 USD
  • Large Photobook – 1300 USD
  • Small Photobook – 800 USD

In case you want to book the following add-ons, you need to book the planner also for this package (planner fee):

  • Musician – A singer, guitarist or similar – 1020 USD
  • Celebrant – A celebrant for 30 minutes at the location – Fee 590 USD
  • Planner Fee – A planner to coordinate everything – 1600 USD
  • Picnic Lunch – With fresh fruits, vegetables, local cheese, bread, vine, water, or similar – 100 USD/Per Person
  • Flower Arch & Decoration – 1000 USD
  • 1 Double Room / Night – 250 USD
  • Organization Fee – For Legal Marriage assistance – 990 USD



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