1-Day Hike-Out Wedding in the Utah Desert

Description of your Utah Desert Wedding Package

Whisper your vows to your true love as the sun rises over the Utah deserts, painting the yucca and red canyons with golden light. Dance to live acoustic guitar music on the rim of a red rock canyon. Let your feet dangle over the edge while you snuggle up with your morning coffee. After your ceremony, some photos, and a warming breakfast, drive down into the canyon to hike on ancient red and white petrified sand dunes. Enjoy a gourmet picnic under the desert willows complete with local Utah cheeses and beverages. As the air warms up, you’ll have the option to retreat to a tiny slot canyon, climb down into a dark lava tube cave, or cool off with a swim in a secret swimming hole. In the afternoon, take a scenic hour drive through the desert reef and head to the candy-striped mountains! After a 1 mile hike through the sage and sand, enjoying the plethora of lizards, insects and birds that call this area home, be wowed by a panoramic view where you can see everything from Zion National Park to the city of St. George. Scramble along the checkerboard rock that’s a beautiful swirl of white orange and red rocks. We’ll watch the sunset over this majestic view and end your magical day by enjoying epic views of the milky way.

  • Trip length: 12 hours
  • Meeting point: Snow Canyon State Park, St. George, Utah
  • Number of participants: between 2 and 10 people
  • Experience: sunrise adventure wedding ceremony overlooking a canyon and extinct volcano, dancing on a canyon rim to live guitar music, hiking a slot canyon, white rock mountains, and petrified sand dunes, then taking a sunset hike out to a candy-striped mountain where we’ll watch the stars.
  • Sightseeing: volcanoes, red rock desert, canyon, slot canyon, white rock mountains, sand dunes, desert plants, Utah wildlife, night skies
    Level: Moderate with at 5-8 miles of hiking, some of which is on sand and uneven surfaces.
  • Climate: desert climate – dry, hot & sunny days with little shade (up to 39°C in the summer and 15°C in the winter) and cold nights (0°C in the winter and 25°C in the summer)

Comments about your Wedding in the Utah Desert

The Utah desert is beautiful but also very fragile and rugged. You must come prepared for extreme temperature swings (often changing 15° C in less than a few hours) between nighttime and daytime. We require that our couples stay on trails and follow local guidelines to protect our beautiful landscape.

We are an LGBTQ-friendly company and can modify your package to fit your needs. If you’ll need two hair-styling or two boutonnieres instead of the website defaults, let us know as we’re happy to arrange this for you.

Our ceremonies can be symbolic or legally binding, as you see fit. If you’re coming from outside of the United States, please check to see if your country recognizes weddings performed in the USA. If you’re hoping to have a legal ceremony, you are required to obtain your marriage license in person at a county clerk’s office before the ceremony; Victoria and Joe are happy to instruct you on how to do this.

This package can be modified to be pet-friendly with some alterations.

This is just a sample itinerary that we can adjust or swap depending on your needs, fitness, and how things work. The schedule is very flexible and can be extended. We conduct adventure weddings in any weather, but may have to visit alternative (but still epic) locations should it be unsafe to proceed (e.g. flash flood warnings).

What's included in your Utah Desert Wedding Package

  • private vow exchange at sunrise on a canyon rim
  • live guitar music as you dance on the canyon rim among the yuccas
  • complete photographic documentation of the whole trip with short photo shoots at each location – min. 200 photos
  • Coffee and a simple breakfast of fruit, oatmeal, and nuts.
  • A picnic lunch with seasonal fruits, gourmet cheese, a hot meal, gourmet cakes, and locally-made beverages
  • Permits and fees for your ceremony, hikes, and photoshoots.

What is not included in your Utah Desert Wedding Package

  • Travel to/from Snow Canyon and Dixie National Forest before and after your trip. The nearest regional airport is St. George Municipal Airport (30 minute drive) and the nearest international airport is the Las Vegas McCarren International Airport (2 hour drive). We highly recommend renting a car as there’s no public transit servicing the areas we’ll be visiting.

What to bring for your Hike-Out Wedding in the Utah Desert

  • Wedding dress/suit for you and your partner
  • Hiking boots or hiking sandals
  • Layers (a sweater or jacket, fleece tights under your dress, etc.)
  • Small backpack with a hydration pack or water bottles that can carry at least 1L of water.
  • hat, sunscreen & sunglasses
  • Swimsuit (optional)

Optional Add-ons to your Utah Desert Wedding Package

  • Hair & Make-up Styling on wedding day (€200 per person)
  • Natural Flower bouquet (€150 each)
  • Hand-tied boutonniere (€20 each)
  • Guest fee of €100 for each additional guest to cover their food and entrance fees/permit fees to the parks