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passion and love in experiences

Why should you create a pre designed experience?

Imagine the couple

 Imagine you are a couple and you want to elope. You are new to this, you have no idea. Most couples are OVERWHELMED by too much information scattered around. They are grateful for you proposing an itinerary that they can customize a little bit (add addons), YOU are the expert and if you create something detailled & well-thought off they feel that they can trust you.


Storytelling video on couples

Be unique, for CRAZY chemistry with your couples

What are you passionate about?

your why – what makes you special? what are you passionate about?
offer THAT. – can be supercrazy, tantric experience, no-waste wedding etc. doesnt have to be hiking blablah. offer a wedding for bike enthusiasts/divers etc… underwaterphotos. –
the LOCATION you are knowledgable about (your local area, backyard)
the SCENERY you scouted
the ACTIVITY you are crazy about
your target market – what are they looking for, just speak to THEM when describing your experience


  1. same as online dating – the more honest & open they are in their “profile” or in this case in their experiences the better the match will be. They might repell a lot of people but with the ones that book them there will be CRAAAAZY chemistry. 
  2. dont make to generic products. At the moment most people are offering something about hiking but it can be LITERALLY EVERYTHING – example: I was in love all my life with horses & now I offer unique horsetrekking weddings in chile for other horse crazy people. Maybe there is something similar they can do – maybe they are windsurfing enthusiasts/kayaking ethusiasts 
  3. if they dont feel comfortable to be guiding unexperienced couples feel free to EXPRESS that and restrict the experience to experienced clients with certificate – so you dont need to be their tourism guide but their tagg-along buddy. One easy way to go about it is to actually get a custom quote from a tourism company – for my horsetrekking experience I contacted a horsetouring company and we developed the experience together. This way I dont need to take responsiblity for guiding, accidencs during the ride etc. because this should be covered by liability insurance of the touring company. (CHECK THIS WELL!!)
  1. they dont have to pretend/ offer something they believe a lot of people are interested in (if you market to everybody you market to nobody), instead capitalize on your strengths, show your uniqueness and who you are
  2. to get more granular about their experience they can of course think about location but also about activity – think about which communities they are part of that they really click with (maybe they are superpassionate dancers, part of the diver community, paragliding community – if they are passionate dancers – what would they look forward to in their adventure wedding? maybe to dance after their vow exchange in an absolute breathtaking location during sunset and having it documented on video for life? etc etc, can be highlining, climbers can be outdoor activities but also other hobbies – like live role play enthusiasts, food lovers, massage-addicts, lost places geocaching, bodypainting, dog-lovers (i.e. getting married at a dog-friendly beach), camper – they can come with their camper and you tour for a couple of days together, dinner in the dark etc..  oppotunities are ENDLESS.  this way you can offer a much more personalized experience than if you want to appeal to everyone and the right couple will just TOTALLY FALL IN LOVE with you and book you right away

dont make to generic products.

How to PRICE your experience?

  • how to price
    • price themselves
    • price addons (if you have a team – ask, if you dont have a team, reach out, get quotes, tell them about your project, start to build a network)
  • you find your perfect match – we are like a dating platform for vendors & couples
  • differentiation – high price strategy works best for wedding market


Tell a story!

You do not need to show every detail of a full day experience. Think about how you could tell the story of the experience, give a mood.

5-10 horizontal photos work best

If you have photographed the exact experience already, you just need to chose your “best of” pictures.


Get creative!

You might not have photographed the experience you are designing, or maybe just a part of it, so you might be missing pictures.

There is a solution. 

Use some portraits of adventurous couples you have in your portfolio which could fit the experience.

Do a styled shoot with models on your location and with some of the programs

Get the missing pictures!

Maybe you have all the photos of the hike and ceremony but you would like to include a hot air balloon ride or a glamping accommodation into the experience and you would like to feature it with photos.

One option is to do the styled shoot here.

Alternatively, you could ask the accommodation and the hot air balloon service provider to give you a photo to feature it in your experience, or you could take a photo without the couple.

A third variant is that maybe some photos are not so important, for example if a client inquires, you can send them some links of the accommodation but maybe it is not necessary to have it among the top 10 photos.

Qot some questions still?

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Make sure to visit our FAQ for vendors page as well.